Club House, archery, Fruit Bowls of Palazzo Te: new maxi works

The municipal council of Mantua has given the green light to three new projects: the Club House, an archery area and the refurbishment of the Te Fruttiere.

Three new projects: ok from the junta

The mayor’s council Matthias PalacesWednesday, Feb. 1, endorsed others three projectsdefinitive-executive, financed with Pnrr fundsone for the requalification of the Fruttiere del Te and the others on the slope “Sport and Social Inclusion”.

It is about creating one new outdoor multi-sports area at the Cittadella dello Sport Tazio Nuvolaricon new sports facilities it’s a Club Houseand the regeneration of an outdoor multi-sports area in Migliarettowith a plant of archery and the new lighting of the rugby pitches.

Here comes the Club House

Regarding the project at the Campo Scuola Nuvolari in via Guerrayou will see the making of a new pavilion used as an aggregation centerthe so-called Club House, and an external concrete floor for sports activities.

The new Club House, dedicated to sportsmen and more generally to all those who attend the Campo Scuola, will be a place to meet and socialisewill host a Kitchenand’area bar is one study space. The intervention also provides for the construction of two outdoor spacesone serving new outdoor sports facilities and one serving the Club House.

The sports area will look like one “mineral plate” in concrete that will host two padel courts and a fitness area. Bordering this space there will be a natural square, treated with gravelwhich will offer the possibility of using the Campo Scuola also for moments of aggregation such as events, parties or simply as play and leisure area.

With a view to creating an environmentally friendly building, also in terms of energy, a photovoltaic system serving the centre. The intervention is fully financed with Pnrr funds for a total amount of one million and 210 thousand euros.

The work is scheduled to start in May-June and the construction site will last around 17 months.

Archery and cost containment

The second intervention is aimed at realizing, by redeveloping the existing spaces within themulti-purpose facility at Migliarettoa new structure suitable for hosting archery competitions and all the complementary activities related to this sport.

In fact, the project envisages the construction of a new competition field for archery, with dimensions and requirements that meet the national demonstrations. The new facility will include the complementary structures deemed necessary for the purposes of obtaining competitive accreditation from the sector federation.

It is also foreseen the redevelopment and energy efficiency of the existing lighting systems serving the rugby playing fields.

The objective of the project is not only to make the sports structure efficient, from a performance point of view, by intervening on the adaptation of the existing plant equipment, largely obsolete and outdated, but above all to contain management costs.
The intervention is fully financed with Pnrr funds for a total amount of 440mila euro.

The work is expected to start in May-June and the site will last around 8 months.

Completion of the fruit bowls of Palazzo Te

The council of the Municipality of Mantua has also approved a third intervention, again financed through Pnrr funds, which concerns the definitive project of the works for the works of “Completion of redevelopment of the Fruit Bowls of Palazzo Te”.

The executive project will be approved next week. It is a series of punctual reinforcement interventions with metal carpentry for the static safety of wooden structures of the entire body of the Fruttiere building. The total investment is 220mila euro.

For the execution of the interventions there are no management charges, in the long-term budget, charged to the Municipality.



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