Clément Rémiens unveils his new look (PHOTO)

Since his departure fromHere it all starts et Tomorrow belongs to us, Clément Rémiens, the interpreter of Maxime Delcourt, let his hair grow. Find out the result.

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At 25, Clément Rémiens changes his life and his mind! From his farewell to Here it all startsthe spin-off of tomorrow belongs to us which he had joined after 323 episodes in the TF1 series, the actor became a basketball player. He joined the BCM, the Gravelines basketball club. “During this sabbatical year, I questioned myself a lot. This desire for basketball was very present. And I didn’t want to have any regrets, so I went for it”noted Clement Remiens to our colleagues from Parisien. I’m 25 and it’s a bit late for a real sporting career. On the other hand, it was the right moment to launch myself. And if I didn’t do it now, I would have regretted it later. The idea is above all to reach the best possible level, why not semi-professional”. To become a reservist, he undergoes four to five hours of intensive daily training.

Clément Rémiens hairy and bearded

The winner of Dance with the stars now addresses much longer hair and a long beard. “I haven’t cut them since I left”, noted Clement Remiens who returned to the drama that occurred on his last day of filming tomorrow belongs to us. The comedian has also traveled: “I spent six months in Asia, alone, without a phone or anything, I perfected my English. I needed this time for myself. And also to be sure of what I wanted to do next. In the end, after these six months, I realized that I didn’t really know myself. It allowed me to have a real perspective on what had happened.

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“Now the character needs to have long hair and a beard…”

The young actor does not intend to return to Here it all starts et tomorrow belongs to us. “I’m curious, I need to discover things. And these, I know them. And that allowed me to touch on all subjects”, respond Clement Remiens when asked the question. However, he intends to play the comedy again. “I still have things to defend artistically and things to tell. I want them to be projects that interest me and give me new energy. And the further away it is from me, the more there will be things to discover. Now, the character has to have long hair and a beard… (He laughs.)”.


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