Clément Grenier’s cash answer on Vinicius Jr

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On Sunday, Mallorca made a nice move by winning 1-0 against Real Madrid. A meeting marked by new tensions between Vincius Jr and some of his opponents. Asked by RMC SportClément Grenier spoke about the behavior of the Brazilian he met on Sunday. “We know that he is an important Real Madrid player. He’s a player who has qualities, he’s provocative with his game. For the rest, I haven’t yet fully mastered the Spanish language. So let’s say that I don’t understand everything, and above all I don’t listen to everything on the pitch because we are there to win a match eleven against eleven. The most important thing is that we take points at the final whistle. It’s true that I still follow a lot of what’s going on around him, it’s a bit difficult to analyze because he’s a great player and he plays for a great club. He has proven some things this season and in the past.

Then he added: “It’s a bit tricky to have a clear-cut opinion. I believe he is a quality player. He came to our house, like when we go to play outside he was taken to task by the public. But you have to keep your nerves to be as efficient as possible and respond on the pitch. Sunday we were able to channel it through our defensive work, even if it’s true that it was a pretty choppy match. We know that he picks up a lot of speed, that he is very technical and that he plays a little carrot in not defending much. You have to be very vigilant, very attentive because we know that in the first few meters he can make a difference (…) We had worked quite a bit on that but we had no anti-Vinicius plan or a coach’s rule to make anything. We played our football and he wasn’t that effective, so much the better for us, even though he caused the penalty. It was interesting and it worked in our favor.”

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