Clark Hunt-Jeffrey Lurie, duel of successful owners

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The owners of the Chiefs and Eagles have established a winning culture in their organizations that has them chasing the NFL championship.

Proud, Clark Hunt lifted the champions trophy american conference who bears his father’s name. His conquest meant that the Kansas City Chiefs they had obtained another ticket for the Super Bowlhis third in four years.

Despite recent successes, Hunt He recalled that, not long ago, the team seemed incapable of winning titles.

Fifty years passed between two trips to the Super Bowl. Coach Andy Reid and quarterback Patrick Mahomes broke the curse in 2020.

It was five full decades of disappointment and despair.

always pragmatic, Hunt He usually mentions the half century without relevant achievements to keep the current results in good perspective.

“I don’t know if this can be improved, but we do know that we shouldn’t give it away for free,” he said this week. “Some of what happens when you go 50 years without going to the Super Bowl is that you learn to appreciate it. You know, certainly in the last five years, we’ve been blessed to play in five straight World Cup finals. [Conferencia] Americana, all here at home, plus three Super Bowls“.

Nor does he underestimate the occasion Jeffrey Luriewho bought the Philadelphia Eagles in the 1990s and led the team to four NBA Finals NFC and a Super Bowl before finally conquering his first Lombardi Trophy.

Clark Hunt and Jeffrey Lurie have established a culture of success in their organizations.AP Photo

Los Eagles they made the playoffs two more times, before falling to a disastrous 4-11-1 a couple of years ago.

Many of those disappointments came when Reid was the head coach. That is one of the main spices in the plot of the Super Bowl on February 12 in Glendale, Arizona.

Jeffrey it’s a owner phenomenal,” said Reid, whose affinity for the man who gave him his first break as head coach doesn’t seem impaired by the fact that Lurie he ended up throwing it out. “He did a great job for me and my family.”

Actually, the two owners they have done good for their franchises and their cities.

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Hunt I had some very big shoes to fill. His father, the Texan businessman Lamar Hunt He had died in 2006, after a career that made him an adored figure in Kansas City.

He helped found the American Football League, established the Chiefs and even coined the term “Super Bowl“. He was also one of the key figures in the creation of MLS.

The first steps of Clark Hunt they were erratic, including a series of coaches and general managers whom he hired with loud fanfare but who later yielded nothing. Slowly but steadily, he worked his way out of the spotlight to become one of the owners most respected in the NFL.

He is part of important committees and even helped avert the 2011 strike.

Two years later, Hunt changed the whole course of Chiefswith a trip to Philadelphia.

Reid had just become unemployed when Huntwho had recently ousted Romeo Crennel, asked to meet with the former head coach of the Eagles. The interview was conducted on January 2, 2013 in a conference room in the airport area of Philadelphia.

On the tarmac was a plane, sent by the Arizona Cardinals, with the goal of taking Reid to another interview.

Hunt He proved two things that day: That he was an astute businessman and an exceptional salesman. He convinced Reid that they could build a winning team in Kansas City… never boarded that other plane.

During the last decade, the Chiefs They’ve done just that, with seven NFL West titles. AFCfour conference titles and, they hope, a second Lombardi trophy.

“Internally we had high expectations,” he said. Hunt. “But if you listened to the national press a lot you might think we didn’t have a chance this season…Honestly, the credit goes to Andy and the coaching staff.”

Besides of owner.

In PhiladelphiaReid’s firing opened the door for the arrival of Chip Kelly, an astonishingly successful coach in college football, who nevertheless failed with the Eagles.

Lurie, a movie producer, decided to hire Doug Pederson, Reid’s offensive coordinator at the time. In two years, Pederson did what Reid couldn’t: Win the Super Bowl.

Pederson made the playoffs two more times before the relationship soured. He was also fired.

Surprisingly, Lurie He hired Nick Sirianni, who was the offensive coordinator for the Indianapolis Colts.

If the hiring of Reid highlighted the talents of Huntthat of Sirianni made it clear that Lurie he had a keen eye for talent and the audacity to make a risky bet.

Los Eagles they fell in the Wild Card Round during Sirianni’s first season. In the second, they have returned to Super Bowl.

“I can’t overestimate the value of coaches,” he said Lurie. “Nick is outstanding, smart, relates to everyone, is interested, is passionate. And at the same time, his staff is outstanding. They are all similar in age, young and get along very well. You have to have a great coaching culture , and she has”.

but it is Lurie who has established a culture of success with the organization of the Eaglessuch as Hunt he did it with the Chiefs.

“I’ve been out to eat with him a few times. I talk to him when he’s on the premises because he’s here a lot,” tight end Dallas Goedert said, referring to Lurie. “I’m just really grateful to him and everything he brings to the team to make us as successful as we’ve been. He’s the best at adapting to the culture of Philadelphia. You know how important football is and the Eagles For the city”.



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