Chelsea Ambyar, Graham Potter & Family Get Death Threats


The bad results experienced by Chelsea had an impact on the personal life of the manager, Graham Potter. He received death threats.

Chelsea are under pressure due to poor results since the end of last year. They have only won three wins in 16 matches since the end of October 2022 and have swallowed nine defeats.

These results apparently also had an impact on the Manager’s personal life The Blues Graham Potter. He received a number of e-mails, with messages wishing him and his children dead.

Certainly not a pleasant occurrence, but Potter insisted that these kinds of things did not unnerve him. He faced it as a challenge as he reached a higher career point.

“You just need to put it aside, and thankfully it was an isolated incident and it could come from anywhere. Yes, this is one of those kind of incidents,” he told Sky Sports.

“It doesn’t really bother me. It’s just a fad, I guess. I don’t want to take it any further than that.”

“It’s not fun and it’s not comfortable for the family. You accept criticism, you accept being cheered when you lose, you accept whatever is directed at you.”

“But of course there is a line, but I will not be the first in my life to have that line crossed and maybe in this case, that line has been crossed.”



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