Charles Fouyn before the badminton nationals: “I have dreamed of becoming Belgian champion since I was little”

This will be his fourth participation. “I reached the quarter-finals twice and was knocked out in the first round by the eventual Belgian champion. I hope to go further this year even though I know that no game will be easy. Everything will depend on the form of the moment but in a corner of my head, I dream of a semi-final against Julien Carraggi. It would be very beautiful.”

The title of Belgian champion, Charles makes it a goal for the future. “I dream of becoming Belgian champion since I was little. It may still be too early this year but I will give it my all. I would be the happiest if it could happen this weekend.”

One thing is certain, the Jodoignois will land in Gembloux with confidence. “I took part in a few competitions in France where I won everything. I am happy with my level of play and my training where everything is going well. Playing in France brings me a lot. I gain experience by facing other styles of player. I feel that I have evolved and matured through this new experience. It is very enriching.”

2023 must be the year of confirmation and progression for Charles. “I will still play a few junior tournaments and start with adults where I am 500th in the world ranking. My goal is to reach the Top 250 by the end of the year. There will also be the world junior championship where I dream of winning a medal. In adults, I hope to get out of the qualifiers regularly to reach the final table of the tournaments.



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