CHAN 2023: Algeria against Senegal for a memorable final!

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In the summary of Radio football internationale Wednesday: – CHAN 2023: Algeria against Senegal for an unprecedented final next Saturday (February 4, 2023)! Walk for the Fennecs against Niger (5-0) and bare minimum for the Lions (1-0), lacking realism against the Barea! What lessons for the winners and losers of these semis!

– Bayern won’t win anymore! Three draws in a row, leader far from being imperial in the Bundesliga, the German Ogre sows doubt in his ranks less than two weeks before his trip to Paris in C1! We will try to understand why.

– Market : end ! The winter market is over. Delusions of grandeur or not! Review and decryption with our guest Johan Caurant @johancaurant, player agent (FFF). And then we will discuss the new FIFA regulations concerning the sometimes controversial profession of agent!

To discuss it with Annie Gasnier, our consultants of the day: Éric Rabesandratana, Chérif Ghemmour and Patrick Juillard – David Fintzel – Technique/Direction: Laurent Salerno.


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