Champions League: The legends condemn a Liverpool of “shame”: “Some players no longer have a level… It is the end of an era”

Jamie Carraghera Liverpool legend after wearing his mythical ‘red’ shirt from 1996 to 2013, was very critical of his team after his hard defeat 2-5 against Real Madrid in the first leg of their Champions League round of 16 tie.

The legendary 45-year-old defender did not mince words when examining Liverpool’s game against Madrid in his analysis in the CBS“It has been disastrous. A shame. We have been making excuses all season, but the second half has been a disgrace”, and he acknowledged that “I don’t feel very well” after the 2-5 draw.

Champions League (Eighth, first leg): Summary and goals for Liverpool 2-5 Real Madrid

“Liverpool was chaotic… Embarrassing. We’ve made excuses for them all season, the reasons why they’re not doing as well as they’ve done in previous seasons, but that second half was a disgrace,” Carragher said of the Liverpool game.

“Losing 3-0 in that part when you attack towards the stands of The Kop and go 2-2 on the scoreboard of a tie … Disastrous,” he said.

“This team had a great defensive record last season, but we know that the midfield no longer has the energy it did then and the attackers don’t press or certainly don’t have the cohesion they had before,” he analyzed.

Jamie Carragher praised Real Madrid’s great game: “First of all I have to say… what a performance from Real Madrid! To come to Anfield and do that… I’ve never seen a team come to Anfield on a European night that and destroy Liverpool like that.”

Steven Gerrard: “Today we have witnessed the absolute greatness of Modric and Benzema”

Steven Gerrardlegendary Liverpool midfielder from 1998 to 2015, acknowledged on BT Sport that Liverpool was “dominated” by Real Madrid, that the whites “passed over” the English team and that the 2-5 “has been a touch of reality “.

“Today we have witnessed the absolute greatness of Modric and Benzema” analyzed the Liverpool legend.

Thierry Henry: “Some players no longer have the level to play for Liverpool… It’s the end of an era”

Thierry Henrya former player for Arsenal, Barcelona and Juventus among others, also highlighted Liverpool’s defensive weakness in their 2-5 defeat against Real Madrid.

“Alisson made a mistake but they didn’t save him. Thibaut Courtois makes a mistake, but Real Madrid is a great team and they rescued him,” Henry told CBS to highlight the differences between Liverpool and Real Madrid.

“I don’t think Jurgen Klopp should go, but some players no longer have the level to play for Liverpool. It happens to the best, it happened to me. It’s the end of an era”, sentenced the French striker.

Rio Ferdinand: “The clear class difference between Real Madrid and Liverpool was demonstrated”

Rio Ferdinanda historic Manchester United defender, was also very hard on Liverpool in their defeat against Real Madrid.

“Tonight the clear class difference between Real Madrid and Liverpool was demonstrated. You have a team that looks like it’s going down, compared to another team that looks like it’s still going up and improving,” said Ferdinand.

For Ferdinand, Liverpool “is a team that has lacked confidence all season” and that “you see their weaknesses as soon as they go behind, with a lack of confidence.”


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