Champions League: Klopp: “They told me after the final that Carlo said he knew exactly what we would do…”

Ethe German coach, Jürgen Kloppanalyzed all the news about Liverpool in the press conference prior to the match against Real Madrid in the first leg of the round of 16 Champions League. He appreciated the last final in Paris, the situation of Darwin Núñez… and he even had some nice words for his professional colleague: “Carlo is the most relaxed coach I’ve ever met and one of the best people you can meet. Super smart, I respect and admire him a lot. They have a world-class team.”


: “We always work hard to qualify for the Champions League that I really think you have to appreciate these moments. It will be a special game. I hope Anfield is alert, to be honest. They saw us in better shape in the last two games and they have to expect better things “

Image in the last matches:

“We came back to looking like a lot more of a team, but we still have to prove that point. We need results, that’s for sure. We were in a similar situation right after the World Cup, two wins, but now it looks different. We’re sorry and sorry. we see”

Klopp defends Vinicius: “Nothing justifies racist insults”

Good moment?:

“We have to play a super game. Two super games to be honest to get through. I have no problem with that. Who cares, it’s the Champions League, I’m very happy that we can play this game now instead of a few weeks ago It’s very special and I can’t wait. Madrid doesn’t need to play special and still has options to win.”

Darwin Núñez:

“There is a chance that he can play. We have to see how he is today. When we know that we will make a decision”


“I think someone told me, I don’t know if it’s true, that after the final Carlo said he knew exactly what we would do. But we should have won that match. But we didn’t. For what we conceded. We should have won that match. But, Carlo is the most relaxed coach I’ve ever met and one of the nicest people you can meet. A fantastic person, super intelligent… he makes us have to play at another level. I respect and admire him a lot. They have a world-class team and they brought in super exciting young players.”

Real Madrid again:

“They are different games. One of the biggest clubs in the world. We played that final in Paris and I haven’t seen it since since this weekend. Now I know why I didn’t see it! (laughs), but I had to do it “We played a good game, but we couldn’t win. In that game you can see Real Madrid’s experience, they don’t lose it even if the opponent has chances. That’s what you can learn from them”

Any plan to stop Vinicius?:

“You try to deny them passes but the problem we have is that if you can defend Vinicius well, then there is Benzema or Rodrygo or whoever. If you manage to defend these three… then there is Modric. They have world-class players, you have to defend them collectively. That’s what we’ll try.”

Problems in the end:

“Nothing that happened around the game in Paris was the responsibility of Real Madrid. Even if that game hadn’t happened, tomorrow it would be a massive game. Our people are football people, Real Madrid is in the city and can celebrate it in the best possible way”

Vinicius’s current situation:

“Doing something on the pitch… what could cause him? What kind of things? Nothing in the world can justify that kind of racist reaction. As far as I know, he’s a world-class player, you shouldn’t leave him in situations one on one. I’m sure he will end up becoming a Real Madrid legend”

Can you make Madrid panic?:

“I don’t think you can make this team panic. The chances we had, the saves they had to make. What held us back a bit, was a final. We weren’t adventurous enough, we protected ourselves too much. Analyzing it now is very easy: we could make this pass, do this other… but it’s Real Madrid. We can’t play this match without respect. They are absolutely world-class. It’s a well-worked team and that’s why it’s so difficult. But that doesn’t mean that be impossible”


“Real Madrid are always super competitive and super hard to beat. But it makes all the sense in the world to try anyway (laughs)”


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