Champions League: Bajcetic, Klopp’s Spanish pearl: two contracts in half a year, compared to Rodri and consecrated before a Madrid executioner

SHe has only played 14 games with the first team of the Liverpoolbut at Anfield they are sure that Stefan Bajcetic It is what in England they call ‘a big prospect’. A winning bet. So much so that, since November 2021, the Spanish-Serbian has signed up to two contracts with the ‘red’ entity, which takes extreme precautions to shield what many see as a clone of Rodrithe axis of Manchester City.

Stefan nation in Vigo in October 2004, the city to which his father, Srdanreturned to start his career on the benches at the hands of a Galician woman, with the last name makeup artistwhich represents half of the DNA of the young footballer, still eligible for Serbiabut which seems to have opted for spainwhich he has defended in the under 18 and under 19 categories. In any case, the time for the final decision has not yet arrived, and that is where the influence of his father comes in, an interior player with such talent that he came to be nicknamed he ‘Francescoli of the Balkans’and that coincided in Celta with Mazinhofather in turn of Thiagotoday Stefan’s teammate at Anfield and the player many see already replacing.

Stefan Bajcetic’s goal, the pearl from Vigo of Serbian origin who could play for Spain

Bajcetic was captured by Liverpool scouts in 2020, when he was only 16 years old. He Manchester United had also noticed him, and both were urged by the imminence of the Brexit, which would prohibit clubs from signing European footballers under 18 years of age. The ‘Pool’ closed his signing at the end of the year, in exchange for 250,000 pounds, and since then his career has been meteoric, until he got an important place in Jürgen’s rotation Klopp. “The mix of Serbian and Spanish is very good for football. It’s very intelligent,” said the German a few days ago, celebrating the choice of Bajcetic as player of the month in Liverpool after chaining cfour titles in Premier. “For now there are no signs that tell us that he can’t play anymore,” said the German coach, when asked how Bajcetic manages the physical and mental wear and tear at just 18 years old, and leaving the door open to his presence in the duel of Champions before him Madrid.

Beyond whether or not he can play on Tuesday (in the Champions League he only adds 22 minutes) the truth is that the ‘Pool’ keeps firm the siege on Bajcetic, a player who debuted with the under 18s at just 16 years old and recently landed from Spain . He later stood out in the under 21 team and in November 2021 signed his first professional contract. It was renovated in Augustcoinciding with his debut in society in a friendly against the RB Leipzigexecutioner of Madrid in the Champions League 21-22. Darwin Núñez He scored three goals, but most of the ‘Reds’ fans were captivated by a strong midfielder (1.85 metres), with exquisite touch on the ball, with judgment at the start and ambition in duels. Shortly after he made his debut with the first team in the Premier, and in December, in full ‘Boxing Day’ debuted as a scorer against Aston Villa coming off the bench.

The step forward has been taken after the World Cup, with four starts in the Premier and two in the FA Cup that fuel comparisons with Rodrithe Spanish pivot of the Manchester City, one of the great specialists in demarcation. Klopp invests time and patience in Bajcetic, hoping to have found the ‘5’ at home that he had reserved for Aurélien Tchouaméni until Madrid’s appearance.


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