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Patrick Reed may have been cleared by DP World Tour referees last week in Dubai during the Hero Dubai Desert Classic, but Mike Lorenzo-Vera doesn’t mince his words on Twitter about the ‘tree-gate’ provoked by the American champion, 2nd in the tournament behind Rory McIlroy.

The 38-year-old Basque Mike Lorenzo-Vera does not budge. As he made his comeback this Thursday in Ras Al Khaimah, he felt that Patrick Reed should have been disqualified in Dubai. A decision that would have allowed several players to score more points.

“I can’t understand how players remain silent when they have had their place stolen by someone who cheated”écrit Mike Lorenzo-Vera about the ball identified in a palm tree, with binoculars, by Patrick Reed. « He’s a fantastic player but p…he cheated!!! adds Lorenzo-Vera in a vengeful tweet, and he also asks: “ How can you 100% identify something very specific on your ball if it’s not in that tree??? How did this guy not get disqualified???? »

If you missed the previous episode, know that the golfing Twittersphere has been going wild since Reed perched his ball in a palm tree on the edge of the 17th hole fairway during the 3rd round postponed to Sunday during the Hero Dubai Desert Classic.

Using binoculars lent by an umpire, he positively identified his ball Titleist ProV1but video footage showed she landed in another palm tree and therefore that Reed had lied in asserting “having identified his ball 100%!”

“Hi Cheater”

Once again at the heart of the controversy, Reed who has already been at the center of several cheating stories in the pasthad not spoken but on Wednesday the winner of the 2018 Masters published a press release in which he explains that there is no subject.

“I described the distinctive marks of the ball I was playing that day”without being asked, at any time, “to identify the tree that his ball had hit”.

Already pointed out by MLV on social networks a few months ago when the Basque was delighted with his departure on the LIV, the American had it in retaliation blocked on Twitter.

Let’s hope for the Frenchman that he doesn’t decide to sue him like he’s been used to lately with those who question his probity…




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