Casarano supporters’ bus attacked with iron clubs: one person injured

A group of fans of the Casaranoreturning from the trip of Nocera Lower where he had attended the match of his favorite team, he was attacked on Sunday evening on the outskirts of Taranto by a large group of people, armed with clubs and chains, who destroyed the means of transport and seriously injured one of the fans. According to the testimonies of those present it would have been a real ambush organized near the entrance to the highway to Brindisi. The episode was condemned by the Casarano Calcio sports club.

The return attack

It was 20 on Sunday evening and the group of supporters, returning from the away match in Nocera Inferiore in Campania, was traveling on board a minibus towards Mesagne when the driver was forced to stop because the road was blocked by three cars sideways. “At first we thought it was a road accident,” says one of the victims, but suddenly we were attacked by a group of armed people wearing balaclavas. There would have been at least 40 people armed with iron clubs, baseball bats and chains who attacked the first red-blue fan van, the one carrying the members of the Old Style group. The driver of the other minibus that followed, where another group of Casarano fans was travelling, immediately understood the situation, promptly reversed and moved away from the place, saving the travellers.

The violent broke the windows, the windshield and the bodywork. The Casarano supporters defended themselves in some way, while one of them, the one who had the worst, was pulled towards the outside by his arm. This fan, upon returning to Casarano, was forced to go to the Ferrari emergency room where the doctors found a fracture in his arm.

The driver was also injured

Even the bus driver (who is not a fan, but was just doing his job) was injured in the hand by a blunt object. At that point, once the surprise effect was over, the driver managed to get out of that absurd and dangerous situation, even ramming the cars blocking the road. But shortly after, on the way back, there was another disturbing episode.

The story

«We were traveling towards Mesagne said another fan when on the road we were approached by three cars: one overtook us and got in front, forcing us to slow down, another rammed us. Our driver was good at not losing his temper by continuing the pace». Only late on Sunday evening did the supporters’ van, with its windows shattered and bodywork damaged, manage to reach Casarano. «I have participated in many away games, commented one of the attacked fans, I have seen many in recent years, but honestly, a situation like this has never happened to me. It was very dangerous.”
The episode was strongly condemned by the football club chaired by Giampiero Maci. «The Casarano Calcio Society reads the note – expresses closeness to all of them and firm condemnation for episodes that highlight the idiocy and incomprehensible barbarism of subjects who make violence their outburst of discomfort by hiding behind the flags of sport and football whose values ​​are besmirched by such characters».



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