Carnival Beach Festival 2023 begins in Choroní

From the Aragua coast of Choroní, the Sports, Recreational and Cultural Festival of Beaches, Parks, Rivers and Carnivals 2023where different local, regional and national entities and institutes are integrated, with the purpose of providing entertainment, through various sports and recreational activities to holidaymakers, during the carnival holiday.

For the development of the activities contemplated in the sports festival, spaces such as Playa Grande and the Malecón were conditioned, where locals and visitors can enjoy a healthy recreation by practicing sports, such as beach volleyball, beach soccer, beach tennis and traditional games, organized by recreators and promoters of the territorial entity.

In this sense, the municipal government led by Mayor Rafael Morales, with the support of Governor Karina Carpio, deployed throughout the territory of the Girardot municipality, to guarantee the safety of citizens during the Carnival festivities.

Source: Refers to press release



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