Boccardo Badminton: the results of the first “GrandiAuto” Challenge

NOVI LIGURE – In addition to sport, one of the major objectives for Boccardo Badminton is the awareness of an environmentalist culture aimed at all those present in the gym, whether they are athletes rather than spectators.

At the end of the two days of the 1st “GrandiAuto” Challenge, held last weekend in Novi Ligure, undifferentiated waste represented much less than 10 percent of the total, a success for the management of the Via Ferrando company “Scrivia” from the point of ecological view which is repeated by the medals of the boys of the head coach Andrea Demicheli, who also fell, after some time, on a court. And what better partner could he have chosen than Alessandro Stan, with whom he came close to the final of the Double Level A, defeated after a long fight (18-21 19-21) by the Acquese duo Marco Manfrinetti-Matteo Suardi.

The bronze medal does not satisfy twenty-year-old Stan who will close the event with two well-deserved golds. The first in Singles A, beating Suardi in the final who, seeing the results at the end of the tournament, will prevent him from a historic home “treble”. But all the wrongs the Vogherese, from this season in force at the thermal club, had not seen them that Stan, together with Camilla Negri, had beaten him on Saturday in the match valid for the gold of the Double Mixed A category, in on this occasion Suardi was supported by Xiaoxu Liang of the Turin company “Il Punto”.

For the couple from Novi, the 1st Challenge “GrandiAuto”, sponsored by the Municipality of Novi Ligure, was the last test before next weekend’s concentration in Malles (Alto Adige) which will see at the starting line, for the fourteenth consecutive year, President Teodor Stan’s team. Boccardo, fortunately, is not only “Alé” Stan, also “AleX” Piovani, who has returned after years of absence to play in a tournament, who wins the first place in the Singles in Level D to the detriment of two of his teammates, Francesco Makeup in the semifinals and Matteo Congias in the decisive match for the gold medal. In the medal table also the pink part of the biancoceleste club, Adele Foti conquers two third places: the first in the women’s doubles A, in cooperation with Giulia Marengo from Alba, overtaken by the couple Yi Yuan Chen-Douae El Quili, of the Milanese club 15Zero and in Singles A thanks to the victory, with the slightest difference (a double 21-19) on the Genoese Camilla Roncagliolo. This challenge concluded positively from all points of view, which saw the participation of a large audience in addition to a large number of subscribers. In the photo of the Men’s Doubles: Andrea Demicheli and Alessandro Stan, respectively second and third starting from the right. In the photo of the Singles: from left Matteo Congias, Alex Piovani and Francesco Trucco.



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