Big clash between Alioune Tine and Zahra Iyane Thiam for the third term

The birth of the collective Jam a Gën 3rd mandate does not seem to please the director of Asepex, Zahra Iyane Thiam. In a tweet, the former minister wonders about the objective of this movement. She plus him, she considers that we should leave “the decision to the abilities”.

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But the answer of one of the precursors of this organization is without appeal. Alioune Tine, in fact, reminded the former minister of her time in the June 23 Movement. The question of the third term therefore continues to divide those who, 11 years earlier, had united against the third candidacy of President Abdoulaye Wade.

The collective Jam a Gën 3e mandat was, in fact, set up to fight against a probable candidacy of President Macky Sall for the Presidential election of 2024. Several personalities have affixed their signatures and the most recent is that of the former First Minister Aminata Touré.



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