Bettor’s Guide to Super Bowl LVII: Chiefs vs Eagles

The week of the big game sets the dance of the millions in motion, these are the biggest bets and the riskiest

The countdown to the Super Bowl LVII between the Philadelphia Eagles y Kansas City Chiefs has started and the bets in the casinos for a game that is expected to rake in billions of dollars are going on.

From here we will follow them, the older ones betsthe most risky and the traditional curious bets o prop bets.

Good luck!

Line of bets for him Super Bowl LVII:

Eagles (-1.5)
High Low: 50

The first big bets

  • The first of what is expected to be several bets seven figures in Super Bowl was reported on Saturday morning by BetMGM: $1 million to the Eagles with the line at -125. A BetMGM spokesman declined to provide further details about the bet, including where it was placed.

  • “Until this morning, the Chiefs and the highs are our best result,” Caesars Sportsbook vice president of business Craig Mucklow said Saturday. “But there’s no way that’s going to hold up.”

  • Also on Saturday, the amount of money wagered on the winner of the Super Bowl (money line) was 50/50 in DraftKings, while 72 percent of the money bet on the point line was with the Eagles at -1.5.

  • And punter at PointBet he placed a couple of bets $100 for the backup quarterbacks of each team to win the MVP award Super Bowl. He punter placed $100 with Gardner Minshew of the Eagles at 250-1 and $136 with Chad Henne of the Chiefs at 100-1.

  • In DraftKings, the two starting quarterbacks, Patrick Mahomes of the Chiefs and Jalen Hurts of the Eaglesreceived the most bets to win Most Valuable Player. The player who placed third? The outside linebacker of the EaglesHaason Reddick, who at 35-1, has received more bets than the tight end of Kansas CityTravis Kelce (11-1).

curious bets in the casinos

Here are some notes on the first bets in Caesars Sportsbooks, courtesy of Caesars editorial writer Max Meyer:

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  • in the first bets For the flip, Cruz has gathered most of the betsincluding a $5,025 wager placed by gamblers from Michigan at -101. About 77 percent of the money that was bet on the toss of the Super Bowluntil Thursday, he was on the cross.

  • And punter of Arizona bet $50,000 on Patrick Mahomes to win the MVP of the Super Bowl. The bet was placed during the playoffs when Mahomes was at +350 and could net $175,000. Mahomes’ odds have improved to +130 trailing only Jalen Hurts at +125.

  • And punter from Ontario made a couple of bets for the teams’ kickers — Jake Elliott of Philadelphia (200-1) and Harrison Butker of Kansas City (200-1)– win the MVP award of the Super Bowl. Never in history has a kicker won that award.

  • Caesars Sportsbook offered a yes/no bet on whether a quarterback will receive a catch in the game. More money has been wagered on a quarterback’s catch than any other offered by Caesars, most in the “No”.

The “Yes” opened at +475 and the “No” at -650. The money put on the “No” includes a $13,000 bet on a punter in New York who could win $2,000. The “No” had attracted seven bets of at least $1,000, causing the price to rise to -1,200.

Movement of the lines

The opening line and the highs/lows varied quite a bit when they were published by the casinos shortly after the Chiefs they needed a last second field goal to beat the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC Championship Game. Caesars Sportsbook and SuperBook were among the carriers that opened the line in a tie. Others casinosincluding DraftKings and FanDuel, opened with the Eagles as slight favourites, while others betting shopssuch as PointsBet and Circa, installed the Chiefs as favorites by 2.5 points.

In a matter of hours, the Eagles emerged as consensus favorites and the line went as far as Philadelphia at -2.5. In the days that followed she came down to stand in Eagles con -1.5.

The high/low, which opened at 49.5 by consensus, rose to 50 at midnight.

The numbers

3.02 billion dollars: The amount bet on Super Bowl in casinos of Nevada since state gaming control began tracking bets for the NFL Championship Game in 1991. A record was set with 179.8 million wagered on the Super Bowl last year in the casinos from Nevada.

233.2 million: The net profit of Super Bowl for the betting shops of Nevada since 1991.

2: The number of Super Bowls in which the casinos of Nevada have suffered net losses. The betting shops lost a record $2.6 million as the New York Giants beat the New England Patriots, 17-14, in the Super Bowl XII. They also took a roughly $397,000 hit in 1995 when the heavily favored San Francisco 49ers won and covered in their 49-26 win over the San Diego Chargers.

20: The number of direct underdog wins in the bets in it Super Bowl.

27-27-2: The record of the favorites of the bets against the line in the Super Bowl.

26-28-1: The number of registrations and deregistrations in the Super Bowl with an exact result (there was no bets archived for registrations/deletions in the Super Bowl I).

15: The number of consecutive playoff games in which Kansas City has been a favorite in betsthe longest such streak in the era of Super Bowl.

8: The number of bets seven figures in Super Bowl last year reported by the casinos.



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