Betis Basketball – UCAM Murcia: there is life, because there is a team (84-71)

There is life from the collective. There is life from the group. There is attitude, there is desire. there is faith and There is a team, with everything that the word implies. And without a mega star it was the collective that carried out the decisive game against UCAM Murcia by 84-71, a triumph forged from the defense, which allowed him to run in attack, from an intensity behind and a commitment that meant that Sito Alonso’s team never entered the game. he came to have a +22 (59-37) just before the rival threatened to react in the final stretch of the third quarter. He came within nine points from a triple hit with time to go, but Pozas appeared, who looks like a different player from last year, to calm down the game and Gerun to give it packaging in the area and everything was redirected to add the fourth victory of the season.

The Sevillian starting team understood that the key against a team like this was in defense. Do not be intimidated and raise the level of intensity and physicality to that of the rival. And so he did, with Tyson Pérez scooping up all the balls that the hoop spit out and Gerun winning the game over his compatriot Pustovyi. In five minutes the locals were already in bonus. Logical when the Verdiblancos ran a long way back to get to score any opponent’s shot. And when the Murcian shooters did not arrive they were not successful. With BJ Johnson right, only McFadden from the triple kept the visiting team afloatwhile Gray seemed better suited to directing better and making better decisions. to close the first quarter with 20-14.

The Heliopolitan team gave the stretch in the second quarter. And that Radovic won the first to Maronka under the hoop It seemed that the Hungarian was going to suffer with the pairing, but the Betic recovered. First with a triplazo and later defending several actions under the basket. From 20-19 it went in a moment to 31-22, with a 3+1 by Pablo Almazán and the command of a Very intense pools behindhelping his teammates against rival interiors.

Betis played very comfortable. Tyson fought for all the balls and Sylla gave the Ukrainian center good minutes of rest of the Sevillian team. Warning for Tsalmpouris, who saw the entire match from the bench. With interior presence and intensity behind, Luis Casimiro’s men left at halftime with 42-29. A treasure.

And the dynamics remained around the locker room. Only Jean Montero, in his verdiblanco premiere, was out of tune. Too individualistic and wanting to show things very soon. Without Evans, the Verdiblanco coach already said that they were trying new things and played more with two ball handlers on the court, either Pozas and Gray together or the man from Malaga with Montero. Cvetkovic was discarded in the call.

So He reached +22, scoring more from inside and without abusing the triple. With 61-39 everything seemed on track, but a partial 0-6 set off the alarms. Not because UCAM came close, but because they scored those baskets too easily. No opposition. And Casimiro called his own to a chapter to put them back on the right path. With an active Sylla as the only reference, the Murcian team was 15 with 10 minutes ahead (65-50). Good rent.

Pustovyi was winning the duels against Sylla and when Gerun entered, again imperial under the boards, to stop the bleeding 68-57 was already threatening. Jordan Davis, missed from the 6.75-meter line but effective entering the basket put his team below 10 points (68-59), but a triple by Montero gave Betis oxygen, who clung to the attitude of Pozas in defense and even triple (80-65) to stop the visitor’s reactionwho understood then that the match was lost.

Weighty triumph for a Betis Basketball that believes in salvation from the strength of the collective. There is life, because there is equipment.



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