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Dozens of tricolors had their skills put to the test in an event promoted this Saturday (02/04), in Laranjeiras, by Betano, Fluminense’s master sponsor. The action, named “Betano Day”, brought together 80 fans to test their talent with the ball at their feet in a circuit with three different challenges. The command of the party was in charge of Daniel Fontes, one of the big names in sports entertainment. While the competition was taking place on the lawn of the Estádio Presidente Manoel Schwartz, he entertained the crowd with his irreverent interaction.

The dynamic consisted of dividing the guests into eight groups of ten people, each with the right to three companions. The club’s Sócio Futebol, through its points program, allowed interested members to redeem 30 vacancies to live an exclusive experience again. The partner couple Jonathan Lucas, 30 years old, and Jade Ribeiro, 28, were able to enjoy the adventure side by side, which concluded with the young man’s victory in his shift.

“I’ve been a tricolor since I was a child, used to coming to Laranjeiras, but stepping on that lawn is different. It’s been cool to be a member, redeem exclusive experiences and be able to experience events like Betano Day, full of creative activities. I was very happy and excited. award, to complete, is very rewarding”, said Jonathan.

“It was fun, I even managed to score a goal. It’s good that I participated, because I loved the challenges. We, as Flu members, thought first of being really inserted in the club in some way, going to the games, but it’s also nice to have the opportunity to experience these actions. It becomes even more attractive”, added Jade.

The activity was divided into three stages, the first of which was the barrel challenge. In this phase, the objective was to hit the ball inside barrels at predetermined distances, from three chances, with the “odd” varying according to the level of difficulty. Rules similar to the following season, which challenged competitors to aim for the goals. At the end of the series, the challenge of the target proposed the task of scoring goals through the holes in the tarp placed on the goal. The person who reached the most valuable “odds” accumulated more points.

As they won the competitions, the winners were awarded the “Craque Betano” trophy, the same given to the best player on the field in the Team of Warriors games. In addition, they took home a pair of tickets for the duel against Audax, this Sunday (05/02), at 6 pm, in Maracanã, for the seventh round of the Carioca Championship.

“The first station, hitting the ball in the barrel, was the most difficult. There you still have no idea of ​​​​the weight of the ball, it is a little lighter than you imagine. The challenge of the little goal is not so easy, but I concentrated to be able to hit it. Finally, on the penalty, I went safely and got a nice score, 135 points. I congratulate the organization for the event, it was a very nice experience”, said Luca Tremonti, 27 years old, who was also present from his father, Gustavo, in the stands.

“Today I came with a companion, I was just in the crowd, in the stands. I was calm, I knew he was going to perform well. From up there, it didn’t seem difficult, no. Of course, playing, things change a little. It was a nice initiative from Betano and Fluminense. I think it attracts, brings the fans even closer to the club. This type of action is always welcome”, he highlighted.

First place overall won a very special prize: the Season Ticket, which gives access to all Tricolor matches as principal in the 2023 season, including commitments for Libertadores. At the end of the marathon, the candidates toured the Flu Trophy Room and then received various gifts. All of them received gifts from Betano and the personalized vest used during the game.

Text: Communication/FFC
Photos: Leonardo Brasil/FFC



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