Benjamin Bonzi feels “a lot of disappointment” after his defeat in Montpellier

Benjamin Bonzi, beaten by Lorenzo Sonego (6-3, 6-4) at the Open Sud de France in Montpellier: “I’m disappointed, it was complicated. I had a lot of trouble chaining my shots, finding my place on the pitch, moving around, chaining my shots. There was more room in the second to turn the game around and it’s unclear what would have happened. There’s a lot of disappointment to produce that and to feel like that on the pitch. It is sure that it is not the best moment to do that, here. But you have to accept it, it’s part of tennis and there’s no going back.

We will have to get back to work and find a solution to regain energy on the court. But doing this at home increases the disappointment even further. Compared to the Davis Cup, there was no moral backlash, but rather physical. The sequence with Australia was complicated. We know that the Davis Cup weeks take a lot of energy. Especially with the scenario we lived through. Even on the edge of the court, we leave a lot of energy. We had to support our friends to get the victory. I got sick there, maybe it plays on the fact that it didn’t spring up in the legs. But I arrived in a condition to play and there is no excuse to be found, it was necessary to do better. I’m going into the Rotterdam table, but I’m going to go back to Marseille first to settle down a bit and do some physics again. I don’t know when I will leave, but what is certain is that I will be there to play the tournament. »



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