Become a franchisee: how to find the right brand for you?

Become a franchisee: how to find the right brand for you?

The platform L’Express Franchise revisits the relationship between franchisor and franchise candidate. Eighty brands have already joined us, including Burger King, Carrefour and Pokawa. The goal of L’Express Franchise? Promote the franchise market to a wide audience, work on the “franchise employer brand” and ultimately provide the best candidates for brands.

Launched on May 23, 2022, L’Express Franchise is therefore a platform for connecting franchisors and franchise candidates. It is backed by a media dedicated to the world of franchising, employer branding and entrepreneurship. Its ambition: to revolutionize the franchisor-candidate experience. To achieve this, it offers powerful brand content that promotes brands, allows franchisors to stand out and helps candidates to project themselves into this entrepreneurial adventure.

franchise life

In addition to networking, L’Express Franchise offers articles that help to orient oneself in franchise life. Discover our series “How to create your franchise network” with testimonials rich in teaching, our advice for choose your partner well or our entrepreneur storiespersonal and illuminating stories about the world of the franchise.

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