Basketball: Alba Berlin with 94.1% First – Do YOU ​​understand the new table? | Sports

Von: Matthias Marburg, Ingrid Geuckler-Palmert, Sebastian Kayser and Michel Schröer

Isn’t there something missing?

Confusion when looking at the Bundesliga table.

There, Alba Berlin is the leader with 94.1 percent, ahead of Baskets Bonn with 88.9 percent. The classic way of counting with points as in football, handball or ice hockey is completely missing.

Do you understand the new table?

The basketball league BBL decided on the percentage system before the current season. The reason was the many game cancellations during Corona.

League boss Stefan Holz (55) to BILD: “Our table has always been a little crooked because many teams play in Europe and league games are therefore postponed. There is a difference of two or three games. During Corona it was sometimes four or five. We just wanted to have an even table.”

And it works like this: It calculates the percentage of victories in the games played.

Example: Alba has 16 successes in 17 games – i.e. 94.1 percent.

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For teams with different numbers of games, a more accurate table is always created than with points that have not yet been distributed. If the number of games is the same (eg at the end of the season), there is no difference.

What do the clubs say about the new table?

Alba Sports Director Himar Ojeda (50): “I like the system. People outside of Germany always told me that the points system was unclear. ‘Why are we fourth when the others have more losses?’ Nobody understood that and now it is fairer.”

Frankfurt manager Marco Völler (34): “Due to the different number of games, the new calculation of the table offers a better overview.”

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Oldenburg boss Hermann Schüller (70): “I think it’s extremely stupid. This is way too complicated. I’m constantly converting what it means when a team is four percent behind us. I can’t classify that. It just confuses.”

How are the fans reacting?

Holz: “There were a few inquiries, to which our intention behind it was explained – and they understood it. Also, because the NBA calculates according to the same principle. Our target group knows that.”



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