Basket Vallon: a winning weekend

Almost all the Basket Vallon teams have successfully set foot on the Aveyron courts this weekend. The two U15 teams largely won at Onet for the boys (34-61) and against at Rieupeyroux for the girls (85-31). “The combativeness of this group of teenagers is a pleasure to see”, emphasizes President Maïlys Vernet, who is delighted to note that “ their great performances materialize the quality of the training sessions led by particularly efficient coaches”.

The senior girls received the Serènes de Lunac Jean-Luc Lanza’s protégés perfectly mastered the game and largely imposed themselves (58-28) thanks to their explosiveness combined with exemplary solidarity.

The boys bow to Olemps

This great victory allows them to settle comfortably on the third step of the podium. The senior boys lost to Olemps despite a good start to the match (74-31). The U11s participated in a basketball rally in Druelle. All licensees are invited to participate in the pancake evening organized by the club on Saturday February 11 in the village hall.



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