Barça stops entering another 14.4 million euros

Another economic suit for Barça. another for his bad sports results in Europe. after staying eliminated in the Champions Leaguewhere lost the possibility of entering up to 52.7 million euros (9.9 for being in the round of 16, 10.6 in the quarterfinals, 12.5 for being in the semifinals, 15.5 for being a finalist and 4.5 million more for beating him), now arrives the stick in the Europa League. The Catalans, who had budgeted enter as minimum 20.2 million this course, they have lost also the possibility of earn 14.4 million for advancing in the Europa League. Namely, Barça would have earned 1.2 million for being in the round of 16, 1.8 for being among the eight quarterfinalists, 2.8 for being a semifinalist; and, finally, 4.6 for being a finalist and 4 more for being a champion.

And economic blow that does not cease to be lace to the new sports coup for him European prestige of the entity. Since they won the Champions League in 2015, Barça has gone from bump to bump in Europe. After being eliminated in the old Calderón (2-1) in the quarterfinals of the 2015-16 season, the festival began. A humiliating 4-0 in Paris in eighth of the course 2016-17, lifted miraculously with the 6-1gave way to the 3-0 of Turin. In the season 2017-18with everything in favor, he allowed himself to be traced back in Rome with a 3-0 against a very normal team. Not happy with that disaster, and after playing with his fingers the Madrid final in 2019 After Messi’s last great game with Barça (3-0 against Liverpool), he was humiliated in Anfield (4-0). Then came the disaster history of Lisbon (2-8 against Bayern) and, more recently, the falls against PSG after a 1-4 draw at the Camp Nou and las victories very easy Bayern the last two years. That without counting the defeat against Eintracht at the Camp Nou with the completely white stands, full of fans of the Frankfurt team….



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