Barça paid 1.4 million euros to former referee Enríquez Negreira

The Barcelona Prosecutor investigates DASNIL 95 SLA company of Jose Maria Enriquez Negreiravice president of Technical Committee of Referees from 1994 to 2018, for corruption between individuals, as the program has progressed What are you playing with?of the chain BE.

The investigation begins from a tax inspection for 1.4 million paid by Barça to the company between 2016 and 2018. Former senior officials of the Barcelona Football Club and Enríquez Negreira have already testified before the prosecution.

The former president of Barça, Joseph Maria Bartomeuhas assured the SER chain that these payments date back to before 2003, when the board of John Laporta came to the club, although some sources place these payments at the time of John Gaspart Sandro Rosell corroborates this version, Gaspart does not remember this disbursement and Laporta has declined to make statements. The payments were interrupted in 2018, according to Bartomeu due to an issue of spending cuts.

No documentation

Enríquez Negreira has assured the SER that there is no documentation because his work consisted of verbally advise the Blaugrana clubamong other issues, on how the players should behave in front of each referee.

The Barcelona club paid DASNIL 95 SL the amounts of 532,728.02 euros in 2016, 541,752 euros in 2017 and 318,200 euros in 2018. In June 2018, Barça paid the last invoice, a date that coincides with the constitution of a new CTA and with the departure of Enríquez Negreira from the Committee.

Enríquez Negreira was the owner of DASNIL 95 and his son, Javier Enríquez Romero, was its administrator. Just as the father told the tax inspectors that Barça paid him for verbal advice, the son maintains that he did deliver specific reports to the club’s managers.

Without favoring Barça

In their versions, the executives claim that the invoices correspond to technical reports they received from Javier Enríquez Romero, son of the former referee, and sole administrator of DASNIL 95 SL from 2004 to 2019. These reports were delivered to the sports managers of the first team and subsidiary, according to the version of these executives. General investigative proceedings remain open.

Enríquez Negreira he explained to the SER chain that never favored Barça in any decision or arbitral appointment and that his job consisted of verbally advising the Barcelona club. According to his explanation, the former referee recommended to Barça the way in which the players should behave in front of each referee. That is, what they could and could not do depending on the referee appointed for the matches. “Let everything be neutral”, he acknowledged before the Tax Agency. In fact, when he was no longer getting paid by Barça, Enríquez Negreira continued to insist on the need to hire his services, for example, to control aspects such as VAR.

Club announcement

Barça has stepped out to specify the details of the matter with a statement issued this afternoon. In it, the club accept paymentsspecifying that they were to acquire reports of players in lower categories for the technical secretariat and for technical reports related to refereeing.


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