BADMINTON: The results of the 4th day, from R1 to D2

The Amiens UC Badminton teams participating in the regional and departmental championships had good results overall during the 4th day. Here is the full summary.

The teams involved in Regional 1 to Departmental 2 started their 4th day of the championship on Sunday 28 January. And no less than 7 teams from Amiens have surveyed the grounds of Hauts-de-France.

Regional 1: Staying on track

Direction Boulogne-sur-Mer, for theteam 2 of the AUC Badminton who faced this Sunday Mons-en-Baroeul, at the start of the day. If the team carried by Maxim Maj was in relative difficulty in the singles, she made up for it in the men’s doubles with the victory of the captain associated with Fabien Vibert. A clear round for (the king) Maj who chained victories, adding a second success to his credit with Audrey Dercourt. The pair won against the Northerners in 2 sets. Despite everything, the Amiens bowed in the end 3-5 against the Monsois.

The Samarian badistes raise their heads high in the afternoon, facing the host club, the Boulogne Club Opal Steering Wheel. Another great performance for Pierre Bohin (R4) who wins again in singles, this time against Florent Wasselin (N3). On the ladies’ singles side, the girls won their matches with dignity with a good comeback for Marie Hernout who pocketed the victory after 3 disputed sets (14-21, 22-20, 22-20). There followed a great collective performance by the Amiens in the men’s, women’s and mixed doubles which led them to a very large victory. 7-1 against Boulogne.

One day from the end, the people of Amiens are in a good position to maintain with the 7ème place. The Creil team having withdrawn, there are only the Liancourtois and the Hemois left to meet, two teams that are behind in the standings, which mathematically leaves a little margin to the Samarians.

Regional 2: Still on the right momentum

After its qualifying for high henteam 3 of Amiens UC was away in Albert this Sunday where she faced Hersin-Coupigny and La Bassée. The first opposition of the day against the Artesians of Hersin-Coupigny ended in a defeat by the narrowest of margins 2-4despite the good performance of Simon Sane (D9), present as a substitute, who won in men’s singles 2 against Hugo Detourne (R6).
On the doubles side, surprise defeat for the girls Peters/De Kerf (R6) against the hersinoise pair (D8), while the men’s pair Sane/Degroote (D8 / R5) narrowly lost – 21-19 in the third set – against Bzinkowski/Cinus (R6).

For the second meeting of the day, the Samarians face the Northerners of La Bassee and the meeting ends in a Amiens 4-2 victory this time with victories in the 2 doubles and the mixed. Note the excellent performance of Jérémie Degroote (D7), who wins in men’s singles 1 against Nicholas Clerc (R4).

Thanks to their performance, the people of Amiens are temporarily positioned at the 2ème place of the upper hen (awaiting official confirmation).

Julie Vatin, player of the Regional 3 team

Regional 3: One step up the board

team 4 de l’Amiens UC Badminton was attacking its second part of the season, against new opponents, in the intermediate group. The first meeting of the day against the locals of Wattrelos ended with a parity score 3-3. The Amiens won in women’s singles, in men’s singles 2, as well as in men’s doubles with a good performance from the pair Dujardin/Dumont (R6/D7) who wins in two sets against Delbar/Roussel (R5).

For the second meeting of the day, the Samarians emerged victorious from their duel against Verquigneul. A fine narrow victory 4-2with again Mirko Haegemann (D7) who distinguished himself in men’s singles thanks to his victory in two sets over Stephane Wantiez (R6)

A first day in this new pool which gives impetus to the Amiens collective for the rest of the championship, positioning itself at the 3ème place of the hen.

Pre-Regional 1: Reduced but not reduced

L’team 5 of the samarian club was traveling to Péronne to meet Ailly-sur-Noye and Chaulnes. In the first meeting of the day, the Amiens failed to take their revenge against the Aillysiens et bow on the lesser of 3-4 margins. At the end of the day, the Samarians showed up on the pitch with one player less, Camille Saffers having had to withdraw for the second meeting. The Amiens collective therefore began two points behind Chaulnesfinally bowing 2-5.
The pair Weber/Debieve (D8) recorded a good performance by winning against Maloszyc/Langlet (R6/D9). At the end of the day, the people of Amiens point to the 4th place in the standings.

Pre-Regional 2: Half fig, half grape

Like their colleagues in Team 5, it’s up to Peronne that the players ofAmiens (6) had an appointment. They started their day well with a victoire 4-3 on the premises! Despite a colorful day for Gauthier Le Bouquinwhich achieved flawless by winning its four matches, team 6 finally lost 2-5 against the Sphinxes of Nouvion.
These performances place the people of Amiens at the 3ème position of their hen. For the podium, everything will be decided on the last day.

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No victory for Gwenaël Binois during this day in Departmental 1, even if it did not go far in mixed doubles with Myriam De Kerf (22-20 in the third set)

Departmental 1: A mixed performance

Team 7 Amiens traveled to Friville-Escarbotin to face Nesle and Peronne. The Samarian badistes first stumble on the Neslois, current second in the championship, losing 1-6. We nevertheless retain the good performance of the young Lina Bouras (P10), in ladies’ singles, who pocketed a great victory over Agathe Huguet (D9).
A little back to the wall in this championship, the Amiens want to get points against the Péronnais, but they are not going to let it go. The captain Nicolas Boucher and his teammates prevail in extremis 4-3. Despite this victory, team 7 remains red lantern of his hen.

Departmental 2: A day of hope

It is with a revamped team on the girls’ side that team 8 of Amiens UC starts its interclub day in the East of the Somme, in Nesle. For the first meeting, the Amiens face Bray-sur-Somme. The Amiens quickly take the lead thanks to the doubles then singles men. Victoire 5-2.
The group, full of confidence, went on against Roye and offered themselves a benchmark day by also winning 5-2with in particular a fine performance by Moon Savary who won her ladies’ singles (21-19 / 21-14) for her first competition!
Team 8 occupies the 3rd step of the podiumone day to go.

Photo credit: Kevin Devigne (archives) – Gazette Sports



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