Badminton. Stadelmann and Künzi aim for the title.

Swiss No. 1s Jenny Stadelmann and Tobias Künzi are the weekend’s No. 1 seeds at the Swiss Individual Championships in Widen, Aargau. Both had not been able to seize their chance last year.

Tobias Kuenzi is one of the weekend’s top seeds in the individual Swiss championships.


In 2022, Jenny Stadelmann had contracted Covid-19 two days before the Nationals and could not defend her title in either singles or doubles. Aargau Tobias Künzi, champion from 2019 to 2021, certainly played, but was not yet in full possession of his physical means after a knee injury and lost in the semi-finals.

Both are ranked in the world’s top 100, and seem safe from a bad surprise. But the national framework will present itself practically complete. The doubles competitions also promise to be exciting, for both men and women.

Elite Swiss Championships. The seeded numbers 1 and 2 of the tables

  • Simple. messieurs 1 Tobias Künzi (Gegenstorf). 2 Julien Scheiwiller (Adliswil).
  • Simple. Dames: 1 Jenny Stadelmann (Trog Store). 2 Dounia Pelupessy (Lausanne).
  • Double. Gentlemen: 1. Ramon Kropf/Yul Schmid (Uzwil/Zurich). 2 Arthur Boudier/Minh Quang Pham (Yverdon-les-Bains/Lausanne).
  • Double. Ladies: 1 CélineBurkart/Nicole Schaller (Tavel). 2 Aline Müller/Caroline Racloz (Brig/Lausanne).
  • Double. Mixed: 1 Minh Quang Pham/Caroline Racloz (Lausanne). 2 Anthony Dumartheray/Julie Franconville (Yverdon-les-Bains).




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