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Points to consider when buying badminton shoes for beginners?

For beginners, it is especially important to wear badminton shoes to avoid injuries. Playing badminton requires a lot of fast movement and the right shoes help support and protect the feet and ankles. Wearing appropriate badminton shoes also allows the player to have a better grip on the court, making the game easier and safer.

As a beginner, there are a number of important factors to consider when buying badminton shoes.

  1. Grip: Badminton requires a lot of fast movements, so good grip is essential. Choose shoes with a non-slip sole and a pattern that ensures sufficient grip on the court.

  2. Shock absorption: Badminton can also cause a lot of impact on the feet, especially if you’re just starting out. Therefore, choose shoes with good cushioning, which reduce the impact on the feet and joints.

  3. Support: While playing badminton you make a lot of sideways and forward movements. Therefore, choose shoes that provide sufficient support for the ankle and foot to prevent injuries.

  4. Weight: The weight of the shoes is also important, as you need to be able to move quickly and agilely while playing. Therefore, choose lightweight shoes that do not hinder your movements.

  5. Fit: Make sure the shoes fit well and are comfortable. You don’t want to be distracted by squeezing shoes or blisters while playing.

  6. Breathability: Badminton is an intensive sport and your feet can sweat a lot during play. Therefore, choose shoes that ventilate well and drain moisture, so that your feet stay dry and you have less chance of blisters.

  7. Non-Marking soles: It is absolutely not allowed to wear sports shoes that can leave marks/stripes on the court. That is why you should choose badminton shoes with a non-marking sole.

Why are badminton shoes for beginners important?

Badminton shoes are important for both beginners and advanced players as they are specifically designed for the demands of the sport and can help prevent injuries. In most cases, a starting badminton player has to get used to the specific movements associated with the sport. That is why it is wise to purchase the shoes as soon as you have determined for yourself that you like the sport and will continue to practice it for the time being. The intensive stepping out movements, fleeting foot movements and rapid reactions are extremely stressful for your joints and muscles in your back, hips, thighs, knees and ankles. So you want to protect this as well as possible with good badminton shoes. Of course you will find all kinds of badminton shoes for beginners at KW FLEX badminton shop!

Choose quality badminton shoes

The quality of a badminton shoe is extremely important, because you don’t want to buy a new shoe every 3 months. In addition to all the aforementioned points of attention, sustainability is therefore important. This is especially noticeable with the materials used in the outside of the shoe and the sole. At KW FLEX we offer high-quality shoes that last for a long time with ‘normal’ use. It is also advisable not to look at the design of the shoe first. This is actually only the last criteria that should pass through when making a choice. Ultimately, you want a nice pair of badminton shoes, but you should not see them during the match.

Budget badminton shoes

As a starting badminton player, it is certainly not necessary to pay the absolute top price for your new sports shoes, but it is also important that you do not cut back too much on it. As you have read above, the shoes are essential for your muscles and joints and it is wise not to save too much on your new shoes. In that case, purchase a cheaper badminton racket sooner (good models are already available from around €40). There is a space to choose from Gentlemen, dames in kinder badminton shoes approx. € 60,- to € 70,- in different colors and sizes.

Best badminton shoes for beginners

At KW FLEX badminton shop you can choose from different badminton brands:

We would also like to recommend a few shoes in particular:

  • Victor A311 AF White/Blue

    The shoe is made of material wears lessa very good grip offers, good cushioning in good air circulation has. This badminton shoe has a beautiful basic color composition, blue and white. All in all a super shoe with a good value for money.

  • FZ Forza Leander V3 M White/Black
    FZ Forza Leander V3 M White/Black
    This sports shoe has reinforcement in the heel of the shoe and the sides of the shoe reinforcedwhich makes this badminton shoe very stable in comfortable feels. Of course, the Leander is also equipped with cushioning in the forefoot and heel of the shoe and therefore this shoe fits wonderfully. High quality for one ultra-sharp price
  • Yonex Power Cushion 37 women Navy/Pink
    Yonex Power Cushion 37 women Navy/Pink

    This shoe is ideal for the starting badminton player, because it has a very good price to quality ratio has. Ergoshape to reinforce the outside of the shoe where it wears out faster.
    The upper closes low on the ankles and has an Ergoshape shape on the forefoot for optimal comfort fit in stability.

  • Victor SH-A610 II DF
    Victor SH-A610 II DF

    The shock absorbing core, ‘Energymax 3.0 system’, together with the resilient Resilient EVA layer has created a pleasantly soft sole. The necessary stability is guaranteed by the ‘Brace Tek Technology’ that keeps the ankle neatly in place. Of course, the shoe has a very accurate fit especially for women.

Need advice?

Do you want advice as a starting badminton player about the purchase of new badminton shoes? Our specialist is of course always available for questions. You can ask this by telephone: +31-616501686, Facebook, Instagram and/or email.


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