Badminton. National interclubs: Mulhouse is almost there

By offering itself the right to still believe in the play-offs of May 5 and 6 in Elancourt, ASPTT Strasbourg, victorious 5-3 in Arras, runner-up in group 2 of the Top 12, gave a precious helping hand on Saturday. to its neighbor Mulhouse, more than ever a leader after the 7e national interclub day. Without Arnaud Merklé, convalescent, nor the Englishwoman Jessica Pugh, exempted, the Red Star indeed assured the Palais des Sports their sixth success against the red lantern Oullins (5-3), thanks, in particular, to their faultless in the doubles. François Schmitt-Baagoe’s team thus increases its lead over Arras to 5 pts and maintains the ASPTTS, again third, at 8. Bronze medalist at home for its first play-offs in May 2022, François’ team Schmitt-Baagoe is heading straight for a second final phase.

Palyama, the secret weapon

“Given the absences, we no longer necessarily have a margin, but we are still able to win our meetings”, observes the captain from Haut-Rhin. “Like the ASPTTS…


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