Augusto Fernández, the champion who whispered ‘Ommmm’ – Tear it off, for God’s sake!

First was Be Guevara in Moto3, and this Sunday at the end of the Motorcycle World Championship in Cheste has been Augusto Fernandez. This Majorcan pilot has joined a long and prestigious list of Spanish pilots who have managed to be World Champions in front of the Valencian fans. Dani Pedrosa, Jorge Lorenzo, Marc Márquez or Joan Mir and now this young man from Mallorca who allied himself with the energy of mantras and the power of mudras to connect with the champion he was always told he had inside.

Everyone speaks well of him, educated on and off the track, a good companion, a hard worker and a tremendously familiar driver who had his parents as his main support to overcome a season that started well in Qatar but was clouded on the European tour. It was at Le Mans when His mother, a yoga teacher, instructed him in the science of mantras, the singing of sounds, of syllables with a certain frequency that are capable of moving energy. Augusto listened to his and made it coincide with that of his KTM, signing his first podium of the season and his serious bid for the title against the Japanese Ai Ogura.

Undoubtedly the temperance that the Japanese rider has lacked and that Augusto has managed to perfection have been the keys to becoming the twenty-fourth Spanish World Champion.

The Augusto’s career is a race of comings and goings. Almost out of the World Championship it was Sito Pons who put him on the bike as a substitute for Héctor Barberá, two years later he would fight for the Moto2 World Championship together with Álex Márquez, who ultimately won the title. After his defeat, he had to walk a long journey through the desert that lasted almost three years, the same time it took him to climb back to the top of the podium. This year, along with the shark from Mazarrón, last year’s Moto3 champion and rookie of the year in Moto2, Pedro Acosta, they have made up one of the most competitive teams on the grid.

Next year, with the gallon that comes from being Champion, he will go to suffer in the premier class, a jungle of hungry pilots who seek to win in the most demanding displacement of all.



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