Atlético de Madrid: Thuram-Atleti, offer in January… offer in June

Marcus Thuram He was the first striker for whom the Atlético when the outputs of Cunha and Joao They forced the rojiblancos to go to the winter market. The French international ends his contract in June and, on that stage, stood Andrea Bertha to try to recruit him. The high demands of Borussia Monchengladbach forced to change the shot towards Borja Iglesias (Betis also asked for an amount that could not be paid) and finally it arrived Memphis Depay.

A frustrated operation that has not removed from the spotlight a Thuram for whom will return in summer, but with so many conditions that it will be a complicated operation due to the transfer bonus and the enormous competition. Here, some keys.

First 9 for which he was asked before Borja

In October, when MARCA revealed that the exit door to Joao Félix, the first approach was made to Thuram, trusting that his team would rather get some revenue for the tip than let him go free in June. But the economic solvency of the Germansaccustomed to training players and selling them at the price of gold, it was an insurmountable wall.

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Huge request from Borussia Mönchengladbach

More than 15 million euros It was the request of the Mönchengladbach team, a figure that the rojiblancos did not even think of paying due to their economic situation and the contractual situation of the Frenchman. Hence, other options were activated by not sitting down or negotiating with the Bundesliga club.

It was discarded… but it likes it for the summer

Rather than discard, the matter was postponed until June. They still like the striker a lot, who is considered a striker project that could be one of the highlights in the next decade for his indisputable talent and a margin of progression that make him a valued piece… and not only for the rojiblancos.

Difficult due to the list of forwards that Atleti already have with a contract

Beyond the economic requirement of the player is Atlético’s own list of forwards. With Depay There are four who have a contract for next season (Morata, Correa and Griezmann), in addition to the uncertain joao’s future, who on June 30 ends his loan to Chelsea. For the Frenchman to arrive, one of the five should definitely come out… and for Atleti to get into the Champions League.

There will be tough competition… like Bayern

In the offices of the Metropolitan they know that they will not be the only ones who will go after the young French World Cup player. The Premier, full of pounds, will tempt the forward and there is also talk of Bayern Munich, a team used to taking the jewels of any German team where someone stands out. Winning that battle will not be easy for the rojiblancos.

And a very high transfer bonus

Because beyond the end of the contract there will be transfer bonus for the player himself. A custom that has become a classic and that in the case of listed players does not come cheap. Something of which an Atlético is already informed that, despite the complicated scenario, will try next summer.

Griezmann to ‘convince him’

In favor of the rojiblancos is the possible descent of some players. Beyond Lemar appears a Griezmann that he is one of the leaders of the French team and that he has already winked publicly on social networks to the possibility of a Thuram that is a clear objective for Atlético next summer… after trying unsuccessfully in January.



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