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It ended Thailand Masters 2023 in badmintoncategory tournament World Tour Super 300with a prize pool of 210 thousand dollars Americans: a Bangkok it is four different countries that win the titles in the five draws. Double for China, one success each for China Taipei, Indonesia and Thailand.

Badminton, Indonesia Masters 2023: Carolina Marín defeated in the final

Below i badminton thailand masters 2023 finals results:

Men’s singles final
Lin Chun-Yi (Chinese Taipei) b. By Ka Long Angus (Hong Kong, 4) 21-17 21-14

Women’s singles final
Zhang Yi Man (Cina, 7) b. Han Yue (Cina, 4) 15-21 21-13 21-18

Men’s doubles final
Leo Rolly Carnando / Daniel Marthin (Indonesia, 4) b. Su Ching Heng / Ye Hong Wei (Chinese Taipei) 21-16 21-17

Women’s doubles final
Benyapa Aimsaard / Nuntakarn Aimsaard (Thailandia, 2) b. Baek Ha Na / Lee So Hee (Korea del Sud) 21-6 21-11

Mixed doubles final
Feng Yan Zhe / Huang Dong Ping (China, 6) b. Seo Seung Jae / Chae Yu Jung (Corea del Sud, 5) 18-21 21-15 21-12

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