Arabia’s offer to Modric and Benzema complicates Real Madrid’s plans

The newspaper ‘El Mundo’ reported it hours before the winter market closed: “Saudi Arabia tempts Ramos, Modric and Benzema: two years, 60 million net and no taxes.” A information that at first did not generate any kind of reaction in the Bernabéu offices, but with the passing of the hours it has become the topic of conversation in the offices.

Karim and Luka are now free to negotiate their contracts with the club they want because they will be free on June 30. Circumstances that did not cause concern among the white leaders. Although the situations are different, both the French and the Croatian are comfortable at La Castellana and everything suggested that the two could continue to be linked to Real Madrid. But there are reasons, in both cases, that suggest that his departure to Saudi Arabia is a real option.

Benzema, about to renew

In the case of Karim Benzema, the French striker has an offer from Madrid to close his renewal for the whites. From the club “confidence” was transmitted that the current Ballon d’Or would prolong his relationship. But there are some factors that open the door for Benzema’s departure. The first is his age.

At 35 years old, the dizzying Saudi offer is a train that will not happen again for the Frenchman. It could be the case that Real Madrid have to be forced to say goodbye against their will, as happened with Casemiro, although the Brazilian had a contract, thanking the Frenchman for his services in this decade at the club and letting him fulfill his wish to leave. .

Asked recently about his future, Karim, who slipped in his day that he would like to end up in Lyon, left his future open: “I’m focused on this season with Madrid and when it’s over we’ll consider what to do.” Despite the fact that the club expressed its intention to renew him, Benzema has not yet confirmed if he was going to continue at the Bernabéu. And here comes another key factor.

Karim has never been enthusiastic about the idea of ​​Madrid signing a substitute up front that creates competition for him. In recent times, Gabriel Jesús, Robert Lewandowski or, a few weeks ago, the Serbian from Juventus Dusan Vlahovic have offered themselves. But Florentino has not negotiated the hiring of forwards, beyond Mbappé’s frustrated attempt, staying with Jovic, Hazard and Mariano as alternatives. Residual footballers who have not stolen minutes from a Benzema that, without competition, far from accommodating, has skyrocketed its scoring ability in recent years.

However, The arrival of a reinforcement like Kylian or Erling Haaland at Madrid’s forward would be as necessary, due to Karim’s 35 years, as it would be uncomfortable for Benzema who has been capitalizing on the offensive role for some time along with Vinicius and Rodrygo, who have grown under his wings.

Due to this circumstance, the renewal of Benzema, which was taken for granted in the offices, now looks more complicated. A capital loss because he happens to be the only guarantee striker in a very unbalanced squad.

Modric, further

The case of Luka Modric is different. Real Madrid is delighted with the Croatian and the player with his life in Madrid. However, To date, there has been no renewal offer from the club to extend the relationship with Modric for another year.

The club insists that this decision will be made, like last season, at the end of the course. But at 37, Modric, who insists when asked that he is happy in Madrid, begins to lose weight in the offensive game after the irruption of players like Dani Ceballos, whom the club describes as the “new Modric”, Valverde, Tchouameni. Players who argue for minutes to the Croatian and reduce his role in the team’s game.

Modric is convinced that he can continue playing football because he has physically rejuvenated since working with Vlatko Vucetic, who has warned that “Luka can play until he is 40 years old.” In the player’s environment there was already talk of offers from the American MLS or other minor leagues, just when this attempt from Saudi Arabia emerged.

In the club it is intuited that this will be the last season in white for the Croatian. Either because he decides to hang up his boots at the Bernabéu, a less likely option although he has said several times that he would like to, or because he decides to play in a less demanding league. Modric will play the Final Four of the Nations League with Croatia against the Netherlands, while Spain does so against Italy.

At Real Madrid, no one would be surprised to see Luka on his way to Arabia in the summer. He likes the idea of ​​Benzema accompanying him less.


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