Annonay. Archers stand out in the Youth Regional Cup

Before the regional archery championship which will take place on February 11 and 12 in Saint-Etienne (Loire), Annonay hosted the final round of the Regional Youth Team Cup on Saturday February 4 and Sunday 5 an 18-meter selective competition for the French championship.

Some archers from the region came to seek points for their participation in regional and national competitions. Satillieu, Pélussin, Portes-lès-Valence, Privas, Saint-Clair-du-Rhône, Salaise-sur-Sanne, Viviers, Grenoble and Eybens were present.

The results of the CRJ: recurve bow U15 Anaëlle Betton 1re ; U18 Gwendoline Bronzy 2e ; U18 men Nathan Celette 2e Theo Meyrand 3e Lucas Penel 4e Eymeric Castyon 5e Cédric Modrin 6e ; seniors 2 Hervé Grange 1is ; seniors 3 Thierry Seux 3e Paul Deflacieux 4e Daniel Didier 5th, Didier Bordas 6the Charles Gervasoni 11e ; adult beginners Louhane Oziol Bremond 2e. Compound bow: Loïc Grangeon 2e. By team recurve bows, Annonay finishes 1stis of the six teams present.

A new king

Moreover, on Saturday evening, the archers took the opportunity to celebrate their patron saint. On the program, the story of Saint Sebastian, the delivery of feathers and arrows obtained by the archers, the honoring of high-level athletes Gabin Grange (Pôle France de Bordeaux) and Noa Grangier (Pôle Espoirs de Nantes) and it was an opportunity to thank the leaders, referees and coaches of the club who work in the shadows Michèle and Daniel Didier, Benoît Nodin, Hervé Souchière, Samir Bentoumi, Frédéric Celette, Charles Gervasoni, Doriane Cognard and the latest arrival in the Gwendoline Bronzy team.

The celebration continued with bird shooting in order to bring the Company’s titles of king and wren back into play: Hervé Souchière easily won the title of king and Nathan Chabrier that of wren. The evening ended around bow games as is the tradition of the companies.



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