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Colombian sport woke up this Monday with sad news, the death of the gymnastics promise Ángel Gabriel Delgado, who lost his life in a home accident near Cúcutacapital of North of Santander.

According to the first reports from the local authorities, the talented athlete of only 13 years he was lying in the hammock and doing some exercises when he died.

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“The minor was rocking in a hammock and broke his neck,” a judicial source assured the newspaper La Opinión of that city.

In the Gymnastics League there is another version, that Ángel Gabriel was in his humble house at about 5 in the afternoon, he ate a few slices of banana, choked, got entangled in the hammock and died.

Delgado was part of the gymnastics teams of the department of Norte de Santander and also He was part of the Colombian National Team in the children’s category.

“He lived about 30 kilometers from Cúcuta, near the municipality of Zulia. He was a very quiet, submissive, introverted boy, he liked sports, gymnastics”, he told EL TIEMPO, Jairo Ruiz, the coach of those selected from the department and from Colombia.

“When one caught his attention, he corrected and listened. He was a very humble boy. He lived in conditions that were not the best,” Ruiz said, filled with deep sadness.

‘Very poor’

The companions helped him, because he was humble, of low resources and he had to move from his house to the gym in cucuta to do the workouts.

He was late for practice, because he lived far away and had to leave school to catch the bus to the capital of Norte de Santander.

He was in the eighth grade of high school at the Marco Fidel Suárez school in ZuliaHe was a good student and a sports lover.

Jairo Ruiz, DT of gymnastics.


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“His family is too poor, very poor. Two years ago he was the revelation athlete of Norte de Santander. He was a South American champion, he won silver and bronze medals in the Estrellas del Futuro tournament. The truth is that we are very sad, his death has hit us very hard, “said the DT.

Ruiz commented that the Cúcuta Mayor’s Office and the Norte de Santander Governor’s Office will be in charge of the entire vigil process, funeral honors and the ossuarybecause the family does not have resources for that.

“What we know is that he was eating fried potatoes at 5 in the afternoon. She was playing in the hammock, choked and died. Her grandfather was in the room, but he didn’t realize what was happening. A neighbor saw him on the floor, they tried to revive him, but it was too late, he had already died, ”Ruiz said.

that’s how they knew him

The companions knew him as ‘Gavano’. They called him that because his father, Jhonny, once had a bakery and he gave it that name, in honor of his children: Gabriel, Valentina and Natalia.

“He really liked the floor exercises, high bar and parallel bars. It’s hard for me to remember. She lived in a small ranch with his brothers and parents, in very unfortunate conditions, ”said the coach.

And he added: “His dad had to close the bakery because it didn’t work for him. He earned a living from whatever came his way and his mother (Bathsheba) was a housewife ”.

I was studying. Last year he did it virtually, but with many problems, since he did not have a good computer, nor did he have a tablet.

It was her best time as a gymnast, because she could train well, without hassle. He arrived at 7 in the morning, left at 3 in the afternoon and studied online.

“His parents were not studied, that’s why he hit them hard. He told me that he wanted to study face-to-face because the means were not the best and he lacked a good computer, ”said Jairo Ruiz.

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