Alejandro Irarragorri’s tribute to Quini: “He is the legend of Sporting”

On February 27, 2018, football lost one of the greatest scorers in its history, a family ended up broken by grief and sportingism was orphaned with the death of Quini: not only was it left without a symbol, but without its greatest ambassador. He lost the idol. But with his death the myth was born. His legacy is already eternal, like him. These are moments where memories surface, and of special sensitivity for sportinguistas. On Sunday the team was also able to dedicate the victory to him. On the fifth anniversary of his death, Alejandro Irarragorripresident of the Sporting board of directors, remembers and praises Quini in exclusive statements to LA NUEVA ESPAÑA.

The owner of the rojiblanco club recognizes the former striker as the most important player in the history of the rojiblanco club and has a special gesture of affection for Falo and Lorena Castro, who work at the rojiblanco club. “Quini is the legend of Sporting and our memory is always with his family, and these days especially with his daughter Lorena and his brother Falo”, the Mexican executive affirms affectionately from Mexico City and very aware of all the tributes that are paid They’re going to celebrate today.

On Sunday the team was able to dedicate a very special victory to him in El Molinón. The goal, in addition, was the work of a youth player, Queipo.

Alejandro Irarragorrri, who took control of the entity in the summer of 2022, remembers Quini as the great scorer he was. The president of the Sporting board of directors underlines not only the striker’s goalscoring facet, but something even more difficult to achieve: the respect that the most important figures in the world of football have for him. Because Quini won them all. He was not only a Sporting legend. He was a world, global figure, who helped give international visibility to the rojiblanco club, to Gijón and to all of Asturias all over the planet. His goals and shots went around the world, earning everyone’s respect and admiration. Skin y Diego Armando Maradona, two of the best soccer players in all of history, whenever they had the opportunity they took the opportunity to extol the extraordinary abilities of the former Sporting striker, whom they pointed out as one of the best finishers in all of history. “In recent years, both in Mexico and visiting different countries and clubs, I have been able to meet and establish a relationship with some of the great legends of world football. In some of these meetings they spoke to me about Quini. His name comes up in the conversations of the sports people. We also grew up knowing about his goals with Sporting, Barcelona and the Spanish team”, explains the Mexican executive.

But beyond his immense football value, the owner of Sporting explains that upon his arrival in Spain he was struck by the affection and sympathy that El Brujo aroused due to his incalculable dimension as a person. “Already established in Spain I have been able to realize the enormous sporting magnitude of him but also his human nature”, acknowledges Irarragorri.

Sporting has not forgotten him. Today, in fact, he remembers him more than ever through various tributes. The rojiblanco club plans to recognize the figure of the former striker in a very special way in the two visits that are scheduled throughout the day this Monday (12:00 and 17:00) in the museum that pays tribute to him in the heart of El Molinón (“Quini Space”). There they will show new images of the Brujo, shirts that he wore during his time as a player, and other memorabilia that the fans have not yet had the opportunity to see.


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