A young man is arrested for a sexual assault on a minor in Burjassot

02/09/2023 at 20:50


The young woman managed to escape and got into a taxi to ask for help, the attacker followed her and sat in the back and the taxi driver took them to the National Police station after being aware of the facts

Agents of the National Police have arrested in paternal a 25-year-old man as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of sexual assaultafter apparently forcing a minor under 17 years of age to have sexual relations among some bushes in the town of Burjassot.

The events would have occurred in the early hours of last Sunday. The young man would have met the suspect in a nightclub in Valencia and to return home, in a nearby town, he asked for a taxi. getting in the car, this boy followed her and sat next to her in the vehicle.

Not having enough money to complete the entire journey, the taxi dropped them off at a point in the town of Burjassot. It was there where, on the public road, among some bushes, the man would allegedly forced the young woman to have sexual relationslowering the pants e trying to penetrate her vaginally, without success due to the resistance that she put up.

He asked a taxi driver for help

After the event, the victim, very nervous, would have managed to catch another taxi, Quickly climbing into the passenger seat, followed by the attacker, who sat in the back. The minor could ask the driver for help at a given point in the journey. The taxi driver, seeing the high degree of nervousness in which the victim was after what happened and before the request for help, opted for take them to the police station National Police closesta Paterna.

Once there, the taxi driver alerted the agents and the victim told them what had happened. Then, she was transferred to a health center and the agents arrested the man as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of sexual assault. Agents of the Scientific Police went to the place where the events occurred to carry out the corresponding visual inspection, where they located a used condom. The arrested man has gone to court, ordering his entry into prison.


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