a promising first badminton tournament

Founded in 2022, the badminton club of Gondrin organized, with great success, its first tournament last weekend.

On the occasion of a tournament, entitled “Le Canard Maniak Pro Tour”, the badminton club of Gondrin affirms its desire to add to local traditions that of the practice of a booming sport: badminton. As a result, last Saturday, around twenty teams responded to the Badishatz Gondrin-Club’s call for a perfectly mastered first tournament, in an atmosphere that was as sporty as it was friendly and warm. Local players or from surrounding clubs such as Vic, Eauze and Condom gathered.

“The Night of the Bad” in the crosshairs, February 17

Recognized as an Olympic sport since the Barcelona Olympics in 1992, badminton continues to progress throughout the world, particularly in France, both in towns and in rural areas. A success that can be explained by the fact that badminton is a fun sport with simple rules and easily acquired basic techniques that provide beginners with pleasure from the first strokes of the racket. A satisfaction that then invites them to progress both in technique and in strategy, in order to reach – why not – the highest level of the discipline.

Another undeniable attraction, badminton has no age categories. Thus, it allows, especially in the game of doubles, the subtle alliance between the passion of youth and the experience of the oldest. Finally, in tune with our times, badminton is a sport where the feminine is very present at all levels. In particular, it is one of the rare sports which integrates diversity, in doubles, with tennis and table tennis.

With this first success, the Badishatz Gondrin-Club joins the big family of badminton clubs which will soon meet again, on Friday February 17, for the 5th of “La Nuit du Bad”, organized by the Auscitain club.

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