A guide to choosing the best sneakers according to your sporting goal of the year

Diana Fransheska Olmos Piedrahita

Sports shoes are essential to carry out a healthy practice according to the type of goal that you want to carry out, since it is important to prevent the foot from the impact that is generated when carrying out each type of physical activity. Sandra Parra, Declathon’s Sales Director, comments that “more and more people are joining a healthy lifestyle and are willing to continue improving their health and physical condition.”

For the development of physical activities that contribute to formalizing a beneficial lifestyle, there are a variety of workouts that can be done in different places, such as hiking for those who enjoy outdoor sports, daily walks, jogging, running either in the gym or on the beach and for those more dedicated to fitness life, participation in marathons.

Exercising regularly brings multiple health benefits by helping to improve muscle strength and increase endurance by oxygenating the body and delivering nutrients to the tissues so that the cardiovascular system works efficiently. According to the Mayo Clinic, when the lungs are oxygenated, the body acquires the necessary energy to carry out all daily activities, improves mood, strengthens the muscular system, fights diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, some types of cancer and even the sexual activity improves.

Investing in sneakers is worth it

Daniel Báez, a sports science professional with a diploma in fitness fundamentals, muscle training and sports nutrition, tells us that tennis shoes or sports shoes have a great impact on progress when it comes to fulfilling the purposes that have been set and that it is important ”Have tennis shoes with a thick sole when jogging on the track or asphalt to cushion the feet and knees from impact with the ground, as well as for running, a sole with grip is recommended, while the soles used in the gym They are thinner because you don’t need as much impact and the thick sole can cause instability when using the machines.”

The materials with which the footwear is made must also be considered according to the activity and the conditions in which the training will take place. The best components to consider when shopping for athletic shoes are polyester and nylon which provide breathability and waterproofing, and in the case of soles, rubber has a high level of cushioning, is light, flexible, elastic. While rubber soles are more resistant to wear, they adapt to any type of foot and provide greater stability.

The foam insoles offer cushioning and ensure your foot fits comfortably inside the shoe and the heel cups do the job of providing enough support for the heel and keeping the ankles firm. Now, it is necessary to discover what type of shoe and exercises to perform according to your bodily desires this year.

lose body fat

Many diets promise results in a short time, however the best way to do it is through dedication, good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, Yohan Gabalan, a StarkGym trainer with training in muscle training and fitness fundamentals, tells us that “The Fat oxidation is an internal metabolic process that is generated from water consumption and energy expenditure through stimuli such as walking, running or hikingbecause all activity generates energy expenditure”.

Daily aerobic exercise is crucial to achieving calorie reduction. Therefore, some of the sports shoes to achieve this goal are New Balance Minimus Tr, Adidas SolarGlide, 5Reebok Nanoflex Tr and
Nike Revolution 6, which meet functionalities such as durability, lightness, comfort, flexibility and cushioning.

increase muscle mass

To start, it is recommended exercises with weights in training gym Using little weight and progressively increasing it, commented Gabalán, the tissues break down and physiologically the body regenerates itself through proteins, so a diet rich in carbohydrates and proteins must be eaten. For example, the Mizuno TC-01 and Nike Metcon 5 are some of the suitable tennis shoes for gym training because they provide stability, durability and flexibility.

”It is important to take this into account because it is estimated that from the age of 40 the human body would lose up to 8% of muscle mass in the following 10 years. A loss that from the age of 50 accelerates even more”. According to María Carmen Japaz, Dietitian Nutritionist.

tone up

To develop a toned body, which refers to the permanent contraction of a muscle, demand and resistance are the key, for this reason the best “paced” workouts are those that involve speed and perseverance such as marathon, running or hiking. Los Adidas Terrex AX4, Gore-Tex
Merrell Moab 3 provide grip, protection, and impermeability for training development.

So, apart from maintaining a balanced diet and constantly drinking water, it is necessary to take care of muscle injuries, muscle overloads and low performance due to the inappropriate use of footwear in physical activity. (See graph)


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