A badminton weekend at the Cosec in Trèbes

Saturday 14

January, Badminton Trèbes Carcassonne (BTC) hosted the 2nd youth tournament organized by the local club and the departmental committee of Aude.

75 girls and boys were registered in one of the 13 tables, which gave rise to more than 100 matches.

The Trébéens-Carcassonnais (29 registered), the Narbonnais (22 registered) constituted the largest delegations. The various tables were won by the locals of the BTC with 7 titles and the Narbonnais of the BCN 5 titles. Limoux LBHV completes with a great victory in the youngest series 1.

The Chauriens who came with a small delegation managed to slip onto the podiums 5 times. A beginner’s set, led by Rémi Vercruyse, brought together for two hours about ten children born in 2015 on grounds adapted to their age.

BTC Winners : Giulia Delattre, Lola Parayre, Antoine Mazaré, Louise Gensch, Eden Medina-Bricout, Tristan Conreaux and finally the youngest Lucas Conreaux in the highest ranking of juniors.

Sunday, place at the 2nd day of the departmental interclubs.

In the 1st division of access to the Regional, the BTC team 2 reacted well after its two defeats on the first day. The players, with their captain Sarah Zaggi, grabbed the defensive bonus after a very narrow defeat against Limoux before winning a very fine 4-3 victory against Castelnaudary.

Geoffrey Jourda brought home the winning point in the final singles match after a long, action-packed match.

In the 2nd division, team 3 had to their credit, a victory and a defeat on the first day ; this time defeat 6 to 1 against Narbonne 3 (a single victory for Florian Meissonnier in singles) then victory 4 to 3 against Narbonne 4. Team 1 of the BCT which evolves in Regional 2, on rest this weekend, will play two matches decisive against Castres and Montpellier on Sunday February 12 in Castelnaudary.



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