2nd Bundesliga: Heidenheim – HSV 3: 3! First scrap start, then turbo catch-up | Sports

This catch-up race was ready for the first division!

HSV made it 3-3 in Heidenheim after a 3-0 deficit, and after a horrible half-time, they turned it up in the second round.

Jatta rattles him in Hamburg’s crazy catch-up race IN VIDEO

After the whirlwind week about the crash drive by Jean-Luc Dompé (27) and William Mikelbrencis (18), HSV got off to a bad start.

27 minutes: Thomalla shoots but doesn’t hit the ball properly. The ball hops to Jan-Niklas Beste (24), who pokes the leather over the line. 1:0!

Three minutes later, Heidenheim cheered again!

30 minutes: After a Busch cross, Jan Schöppner (23) is allowed to nod off at the second post without resistance. Shortly before the break, Tim Kleindienst (27) scored to make it 3-0 (41st).

Hamburg’s horror halftime!

Three goals in 14 minutes, only two shots at the Heidenheim goal – the game seems lost.

But then HSV rears up again – coach Tim Walter (47) changes the turn! Kittel, Katterbach and Nemeth come in and deliver.

First Nemeth scores to connect (72nd), then top scorer Robert Glatzel (29) closes fantastically in the long corner (79th) to 2: 3.

Shortly before the end, Bakery Jatta (24) makes the comeback perfect!

He hits the ball with his weak left foot to make it 3:3 (89′).

And saves the Hamburgers at least one point in the top game.


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