2023 Super Bowl LVII, Grammy Awards and You!

What do these events have to do with your next event?
Are you in tune with the main references in the market today?

Content is everywhere. It can be easily accessed from any device, anytime, anywhere. Care should be taken to look for and value only those with quality and, for that, access reputable sources of consultation and references in their area of ​​expertise.

But content without analysis, contextualization and practical application is just data. That’s why I put together two outstanding events that took place this month (Feb/2023): the Grammy Awards and the Super Bowl.


To highlight and tie the highlights in these events, the comparison between what was and became relevant for the sector, posted a few days ago by Julius Solaris (one of the most revered North American influencers in events):


  • An event’s effective and efficient strategy needs to be data-driven. And it is only possible when the event is driven by data (data driven event).
  • Experience is the main deliverable at events. Therefore, you need to focus on connection, be engaging
  • Be fluid, considering the environment (virtual, face-to-face or hybrid) and different formats in the design.
  • Having ESG in mind when designing the event, not offering a swag bag, having as a reference the purpose, D&I (Diversity and Inclusion), valuing mental health, among many other aspects.
  • Creation and intense participation of participants, with strong and active communities.
  • And technological resources increasingly permeate the tools and solutions needed for the design, production, communication and delivery of an event.


the ceremony of Grammy Awards, in its 65th edition, took place on 02/05/23 at Arena in Los Angeles. The power of this event makes the city also host to countless other great pre and post events ( Like the Grammy Celebration, the official post-event party for 5,000 paying attendees. It was held at the Los Angeles Convention Center in an area equivalent to 5 football fields lined up.

The theme used wasTake Flight”, or “take off” and the design incorporated several of the references indicated by Solaris, as the awards ceremony celebrated diversity and the donation of food to the local community was once again in charge of Misically Fed, an NGO that works with artists.


  • Take advantage of the endless options of pre and post events that can be tied into the main event
  • Track and understand trends and incorporate them into your design
  • Keep an open mind to learn from the best and constantly seek how to do better and deliver amazing experiences.


The Super Bowl, nickname adopted in the 3rd edition in 1969, is the annual game that chooses the champion of the league, ending the playoffs of the NFL – National Football League (National Football League). This event accumulates several records, such as:

  • It is among the most watched sporting events in the world.
  • It has the most expensive North American business time in the country.
  • Second largest event for food consumption, second only to Thanksgiving dinner.

The interval between the four halftime breaks is called the Super Bowl Halftime and provides musical entertainment for the audience. Due to its audience reach, it is one of the most desired by major brands. NFL for $250 million.

Such interest from audiences and brands receives genial performances from star singers and spurs exceptional show deliveries with unprecedented levels of high complexity and technical quality in design and production in record time.

This year, the show was with Rihanna and had the entire stage assembled in 7.5 minutes and the disassembly in just 6 minutes. (See video showing assembly).

The stage was one of the widest used so far: 235 linear feet or 71.6 linear meters. In addition to the stage on the ground, seven other platforms (3m x 5m each) were suspended at heights between 4 and 18m above the field during the show. And with movements synchronized with the music, guided by a sophisticated support system, traction. It received more than 1200m of LED and 3600 of wiring. The bottom of each had 512 lights

Watch the full stage setup at VIDEO Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show Timelapse Stage Build.

The operational complexity and delivery quality are impressive. Very. Starting with the total team: 800 people involved; And in countless other matters. As in the preservation of natural grass, an essential item for the safety of players during the game before and after the show. This covers overall stage design and weight, choreography, moving in and out on the day and in rehearsals. See some details:

  • 23 carts, 15 for the main stage (9.5m) and track system and eight for lighting.
  • Size ranging from 2.5/3m to 7/9.5m
  • 236 pneumatic tires to glide evenly and protect the grass.
  • Construction of a ramp for trolley access to the field to overcome the 1.2m difference in level.

Check out more technical information in the links indicated at the end of the article.


  • The essence of the show was to deliver experience, in several channels, involving professionals with expertise and excellence in their areas, cutting-edge technological resources, perfect synchrony and timing in execution.
  • Benchmarking (searching for and learning from the best market practices) continues to be a rich source of inspiration and practical monitoring of trends. Learn from the best this way.

The more I read and learn, the more I am aware of my ignorance and how much I still don’t know. No matter how good you are in your area of ​​expertise, there will always be some learning to be done. The path to perfection is continuous and built on simplicity, humility and mutual respect between master and apprentice or the one who teaches and the one who learns. What is your position today?





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