World baseball ranking was updated, TEAM USA, Venezuela and Cuba rose places – SwingCompleto

Por AM González

With the arrival of the new year we already have the first important notes related to the sport of balls and strikes. During this first day of the year 2023, the World Baseball and Softball Confederation, for its acronym in English (WBSC), announced the New World Baseball Ranking in the men’s branch.

The aforementioned organization launched a list with a total of 81 countries from all over the planet and which has several nations of the American continent as references, although in the top 10 we can see teams such as the Netherlands and Australia, the first of them winning a place in the world list. Another of the teams that rose in this ranking are the teams of Cuba and the United States, who rose one and two seats respectively.

The ones that moved the most in the general table were Indonesia and the Mariana Islands. The first in a negative way, since it fell 33 places, while the second overcame 18 steps to be in 60th place.

I leave you with the images of the ranking so that you can see for yourself how baseball is shared worldwide in this new year.


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