Work is underway on the baseball field

Work has begun on the baseball field in Strada del Ghiaro in Castellamonte. This intervention has been awaited for some time, on a plant that boasts a long and glorious tradition.

Baseball is in fact a very popular and loved sport in the city, where more than fifty years ago, in 1971, a team was founded destined to achieve important goals in the following years and decades.

At the end of the seventies he began to train in Strada del Ghiaro, which today is known in Canavese – at least among those who are not interested in sports – above all for hosting the Eco-centre of the Teknoservice but which was previously known for being the place where where baseball was played.

In the last decade, however, the field had experienced troubled events due to the disputes related to its use between the two companies that practice this sport: Kings Castellamonte Baseball & Softball and Red Clay Baseballl & Softball Castellamonte.

For some time he had been waiting for interventions for the adjustment and bringing it up to standard. There are 285,000 euros available, which will be used to fix the changing rooms and the lighting system based on the project drawn up by the engineer Emmanuel Ferrari.

The figure included in the Budget had been retouched twice last year because the municipal administration had found itself having to deal, for this as for all other public works, with the disproportionate increases in raw materials and the consequent increase in costs .

However, the obstacles were overcome and the work started. “After so many years we finally manage to intervene!” – commented the mayor with satisfaction Pasquale Mazza.



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