With Callens and the farewell of Samu Saiz, the squad will, in principle, be closed

Míchel is a coach who hardly avoids any question and is always open to talking about everything. Even market. Yesterday was no exception despite the fact that he wanted to heal in health and assured that he would not talk about issues that were not completely closed “such as those of Samu Saiz, Callens or someone else”. Some words, without wanting to, that confirmed that the departure of the Madrid player is imminent and that the arrival of the Peruvian defender was a fact. So much so, that Callens would have already landed in Catalonia and today he could be announced as a new white-and-red player. To make room for him, the club needs to release one of the first team players and the chosen one is Samu Saiz, who has not trained with the team for a couple of days this week and is negotiating the termination of his contract. In this sense, Míchel dared to assure that, despite the fact that there are still a good number of market days left, the staff will be closed “with the arrival of a central”.

Samu Saiz, with Ciss in Girona-Rayo in December. | ANIOL CLOSED

Míchel spoke more extensively about Ramon Terrats, who has been a Vila-real B player since Wednesday. The coach revealed that he had been the footballer who had asked for his departure. “It is a very important loss; also in the personal sphere, because he is a great person and has always given 100%. He asked me to play and he knows that Oriol is a very good footballer. He wants to play more minutes at Vila-real B and he will surely do well”, he explained. The dismissal of Terrats, in principle, will not be replaced by any other midfielder. This is what emerged from the words of Míchel who assured that “with the arrival of a central, the squad will be closed”. Who knows if it is daring to say it yesterday, January 19, with a lot of market ahead and, above all, with the void that Terrats has left in the middle of the head. And without the Barcelona player, Míchel has been left with only Oriol Romeu and Aleix Garcia as pure pivots. Although Yangel Herrera, Iván Martín and also Arnau Martínez – Kébé is still injured – have played, the coach is left without the main replacement in the middle of the field and a good piece to contain a favorable result in the final minutes.

It will be necessary to see what happens in these last days of the market, especially if some man in the squad with few minutes like, for example Manu Vallejo, leaves and opens the possibility of incorporating a new cash that, probably, would be in the middle of the field



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