Why FC Lebbeke’s striker is suddenly the most watched player on

On the Belgian website of the football database Transfermarkt, best known for estimated market values ​​of players, a surprising name suddenly appears as the most searched players of the past 30 hours. Not Lionel Messi or the record transfer from Chelsea Mykhailo Mudryk is number one, but a striker from FC Lebbeke from second amateur B.

Michael Van Damme

The player who is most frequently looked up in the transfer database in our country is Thibau Dierickx from FC Lebbeke. And that has a clear explanation. Olympic champion Nina Derwael introduced Dierckx as her new boyfriend last Sunday. Previously, she was together with Siemen Voet, who has been playing football for Slovan Bratislava since last summer. He is also the tenth most wanted player in Belgium.

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