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When haggling over TV money in the Bundesliga, the clubs like to throw the TV viewer numbers into the discussion. Schalke boss Bernd Schröder (56) recently demanded in BILD am Sonntag that the clubs that bring in the quotas should collect more money than the clubs where hardly anyone is watching. SPORT BILD analyzes the TV figures for the past and current season (as of the 16th matchday) and shows the true odds table for the Bundesliga.


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All single-game broadcasts are included in the rating, as this is where the real fans tune in and you can see how interested the clubs are. The strongest currency is the 3.30pm games on Saturdays because everyone is playing at the same time. Whoever has the most spectators there draws best. 6:30 p.m. games distort the picture because they generally have higher odds because of the unique selling point.

The special feature of the SPORT BILD analysis: Since the games against Bayern, Dortmund and Schalke usually have significantly higher viewer numbers than against the other 15 clubs, these are excluded. Because not all teams ran these top games on Sky (DAZN does not provide any information on the number of viewers). This gives adjusted values ​​that show the actual tensile force.

The clear number one in this true fan TV quota are Bayern, whose games at 3:30 p.m. are watched by an average of 515,500 spectators. They are followed by Dortmund (329,300) and Schalke (202,000).

Behind this leading trio, three clubs form the next group: Frankfurt (157,500), Stuttgart (137,300) and newly promoted Bremen (132,300).

Then come Cologne (127,700), Hertha (114,000) and Gladbach (104,500). Borussia is significantly higher at other kick-off times, but there the top opponent usually draws the majority of the spectators. However, if she plays on Saturday afternoon, the values ​​drop.

The lower midfield consists of Mainz (80,900), Leipzig (80,700), Wolfsburg (75,700), Freiburg (75,600), and Union Berlin (69,400). However, it is noticeable with the Köpenickers: In the current season, the adjusted average is significantly higher because of the success: 109,200.

The games of Leverkusen, here Diaby (right) against Stuttgart's Karazor, have the fewest TV viewers on average

The games of Leverkusen, here Diaby (right) against Stuttgart’s Karazor, have the fewest TV viewers on average

Photo: Andreas Pohl / BILD

The basement clubs are Augsburg (64,800), Hoffenheim (61,900), Bochum (60,600) and last-placed Leverkusen (59,000). The Werkself only attract spectators when they play in top games. Against other opponents, the numbers drop significantly.

This season, the Hoffenheim game against Augsburg had the worst Sky ratings with 22,000 spectators. Last season Mainz was the minus value against relegated Fürth (11,900).



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