Who is really Yvette Prieto, the 2nd wife of Michael Jordan?

After spending part of his life with Juanita Vanoy, his first wife, Michael Jordan remarried the mysterious Yvette Prieto. Relatively little known in the NBA universe, the latter nevertheless rolled her bump before meeting MJ. Portrait.

Like the greatest icons of US sport, his private life is one of the favorite subjects of the American and world press. As an NBA legend, Michael Jordan has therefore not escaped the attention of the paparazzi, already ultra-invasive during his career in the league. His love story with Juanita Vanoy, 17 years long, has since fascinated fans of the genre until its end.

Since 2008, it is now with a new companion that His Airness has been making the headlines in the specialized media, namely Yvette Prieto. Married to the latter since 2013, he nevertheless tries not to appear too publicly with her, and to keep their relationship as discreet as possible. The dark side that surrounds his wife, however, is less thick than it seems.

The underside of the romance of Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto

Only two years after his divorce from Vanoy, in 2008, Jordan met the famous Yvette Prieto in a nightclub in Miami. Despite their 17-year age difference, he gradually fell in love with this American-Cuban model, former muse of Alexander Wang, and officially moved in with her in 2009. This, before marrying her in April 2013 , during a big ceremony organized in Florida:

Former companion of Julio Iglesias Jr., Prieto subsequently gives birth to twins, Victoria and Ysabel, and thus comes to enlarge the family tree of MJ. Since then, the latter lives a relatively peaceful life with her, and seems to never leave her. Whether it be when visiting Croatia on vacationor to come and greet Lewis Hamilton on the sidelines of the F1 Miami Grand Prix, he always appears by his side!

A former successful supermodel who also dated the son of the famous Spanish singer Julio Iglesias, Yvette Prieto has been making Michael Jordan happy for over 14 years now. All while managing to stay away from the spotlight!



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