When does Leandro García Morales debut in Larre Borges?

With two games begins this Monday the 18th date of the Uruguayan Basketball League that will have this Tuesday the premiere of Leandro García Morales with the Larre Borges shirt.

García Morales, 42, played the last three Uruguayan Leagues in Aguada where he was champion in 2019-2020 and after the 2021-2022 season, the club decided to do without his services.

After closing his cycle by losing 3-0 in the semifinals against Peñarol, the point guard played some friendlies with Maccabi Ra’anana from Israel.

His team comes from losing to Trouville and Biguá but it is well positioned to escape relegation (the last two drop once the second round is over) and also to get into the top five that will play the playoffs from the quarterfinals. add up seven wins and nine losses.

Due to the summer soccer friendlies, Tenfield will only televise on this date Wednesday’s match between Peñarol, who has just played for the Basketball Champions League Americas in Rio de Janeiro, and Aguada.

That is the return to activity of García Morales will not be televised.

To the team It is directed by Mathías Nieto and includes Mauro Zubiaurre, Gastón Semiglia, Fernando Verrone and Christian PereiraThe foreigners are Ricardo Glenn and Akia Pruitt and the under 23s Federico Ambrosini, Facundo Izaurralde, Thiago Tourreilles, Augustin La Paz, Federico Magellan, Juan Almada, Mateo Bentancour, Thiago Bentancour, Caetano Mancuso and Facundo Pereyra.

Hebrew Maccabi 27 16 11 5 1380 1248 132
biguá 27 15 12 3 1346 1252 94
watery 26 16 10 6 1338 1275 63
National 26 16 9 7 1268 1242 56
Goes 25 16 9 7 1325 1295 30
Larre Borges 23 16 7 9 1344 1382 -38
Malvín 23 16 7 9 1270 1305 -35
Trouville 22 15 8 7 1306 1345 -39
Olympiad 21 16 5 11 1175 1294 -119
Urupan 20 15 5 10 1217 1232 -15
Urunday University 20 15 5 10 1155 1180 -25
Defensor Sporting 20 15 5 10 1163 1249 -86
Penarol 18 15 8 7 1180 1168 12

the 18th date

Malvín-Trouville (Monday, 8:30 p.m. in Malvín)
Urunday Universitario-Hebraica Macabi (Monday, 8:30 p.m. in Urunday Universitario)
Larre Borges-Defensor Sporting (Tuesday, 8:30 p.m. in Larre Borges)
Urupan-National (Tuesday, 8.30pm in Urupan)
Peñarol-Aguada (Wednesday, 9:30 p.m. at Palacio Peñarol)
Free: Biguá

After the 16th date, in which Aguada defeated Goes in the classic, these were the results of the 17th stage.

Results of the 17th date

Biguá 111-98 Larre Borges
National 70-68 Urunday University
Aguada 89-77 Olympia
Defensor Sporting 86-80 Goes
Hebraica Maccabi 91-67 Malvín
Free: Trouville

Biguá plays for the Champions League

Biguá will play on Tuesday and Wednesday, in Belo Horizonte, the second window of group B of the Basketball Champions League Americas where last year they reached the final.

On Tuesday, at 7:00 p.m., they will play against the local Minas and on Wednesday they will play against Quimsa from Argentina at the same time.

In the first window, as a local at the Peñarol Palace, Biguá lost 93-75 with Minas and 88-73 with Quimsa, so he is forced to recover points.



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