What are the characteristics of the original NFL jerseys?

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OAXACA, January 28, 2023.- NFL jerseys in Mexico are increasingly in demand as the number of American football fans increases. With the Super Bowl just around the corner, you should put together the best outfits to support your favorite team.

The Super Bowl is a world-class event that brings families and friends together.

It is not only about having a good time, drinking your favorite liquor and preparing delicious snacks, but also about feeling comfortable with your clothes and looking good in the photos that will stay for a long time on your social networks.

Being such a far-reaching sporting event, NFL shirts have become widespread, to the point that not all of those available on the market are original. Savvy folks like you know that the real thing will always look better and feel more comfortable to wear, so we help you identify the top features of an original NFL jersey.

Tagless neck

With the aim of giving you a feeling of comfort and that no material bothers you, the original NFL jerseys do not have a label. Instead of placing a stitch, they print or embroider it.

In this way, you prevent any type of irritation that may force you to discard.

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