Vila-real-Girona de Liga: Chronicle, goals and result

GIRONAGazzaniga was the hero. He had stopped a Gerard Moreno penalty in the stoppage time. A fair penalty, it must be said. But he did not count that there would still be a second penalty. And directly this was not justice, but it was not criminal. Parejo did not forgive and Girona’s dynamic was cut short in Vila-real (1-0).

The match could have been many things, because both Villarreal and Girona first shoot and then ask questions. They are two styles grateful to see, on the field. In fact, and especially in the first stage of the Girona club in Primera, the role model that was spoken of as a mirror and practically an example was that of the Groguet team. The reality, however, calls for caution. Girona still has a lot to do to be able to compare with Villarreal.

On the grass, however, he knew how to look him in the eye. The good dynamics invited us to think that Míchel’s men could do damage, with spaces and knowing that their rival could arrive with a mini-depression, after falling in the Cup, including a comeback against Madrid. The Madrid coach of the white-and-reds has only changed the line-up out of necessity: Bernardo has come in for the injured David López. The first commandment emphasizes that it is preferable not to change what is rut.

If Villarreal has been depressed, it hasn’t been noticeable much. The start was frantic, biting, printing speed in their actions and dancing to the rhythm set by Baena, one of Girona’s pillars last year in their ascent to the elite. The relationship always made you believe that the two parties were destined to meet. It was a beautiful story, one of those that freezes in time and that the protagonists remember for the rest of their lives, even if distance never brings them back together.

The wood, often elusive, has allowed Girona not to get bored from the start, spitting out a shot from Yeremy Pino that Gazzaniga could not reach in any way. Where the Argentinian has actually arrived is within a shot, precisely, of Baena, with a brilliant pull. He had previously warned the Catalan team with a kick from Aleix Garcia, once again splendid by showing off; and he warned later with a poorly managed Stuani opportunity that undid Reina. The Uruguayan, whose title was not expected, has wasted a very clear opportunity.

Theft in the discount

Setién’s catalog has been developing with the passing of the minutes. In the second half, Villarreal began carrying the weight of the match, although without enjoying clear opportunities. It could be seen that Girona were going to be in trouble, because although they were well grouped in defensive tasks, they could not string together long possessions. A bad sign, to rely on counter-attacks against a team that little by little has been intimidating more and more. The steal-and-run formula hasn’t quite gone well. At that time it was not known to what extent the arbitration would condition everything.

Miguel and Bernardo, in two decisive rejection actions, have avoided what was being chewed, the local goal. In attack, Girona let themselves be seen too little: two shy attempts from Riquelme and Yangel, who came back in just in case the whistle sounded and scored his third goal in three days. At this point they could have signed the tie. Especially, after Saturday’s defeats of Valladolid and Cadiz, which ensure they finish the first round outside the relegation places. Currently, the margin is four points.

Gazzaniga kept the aura in goal, which caught Gerard Moreno off guard, but he couldn’t lock it up for the first time since the start of the season. The reproaches, in Del Cerro Grande. The chronology was as follows: first he sent off Santi Bueno, conditioned by having seen a first yellow card just starting and seeing the second one when a little more than ten minutes were left. Let’s make a note here, because he pointed to a penalty, but it was rectified because the foul was outside the area. Let’s continue: then he pointed to Romeu’s penalty saved by the Argentinian and, to finish, he pointed to another one for pulling his shirt in a corner that ended with Parejo’s goal. Neither is clear. What helplessness

  • Vila-real: Reina, Yeremy (Morales, 81′), Mandi, Pau Torres, Cuenca (Mbacke, 61′), Mojica (Alberto Moreno, 86′), Parejo, Baena, Capoue (Trigueros, 81′), Chukwueze ( Collado, 86′) and Gerard Moreno. Coach: Quique Setien.
  • Girona: Gazzaniga, Arnau, Bueno, Bernardo, Miguel Gutiérrez (Juanpe, 81′), Romeu, Villa (Valery, 75′), Iván Martín (Yangel Herrera, 64′), Aleix Garcia (Borja García, 75′), Riquelme and Stuani (Castellanos, 64′). Coach: Míchel Sánchez.
  • Goals: 1-0 Draw, penalty kick (90+10′).
  • Referee: Del Cerro Grande (Madrid Committee).
  • Yellow cards: Gerard Moreno (18′), Yeremy (25′), Miguel Gutiérrez (32′), Pau Torres (37′), Stuani (40′), Baena (45+1′) and Alberto Moreno (90+8 ‘).
  • Red cards: Bueno (3′ and 78′).
  • Stadium: La Ceràmica, 15,129 spectators.


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